I am looking for a band to record my 1st production. I am on my first year of a degree but have some past experience of recording before starting the course and i aslo program and produce my own tracks.

I have access to some really nice high end equipment eg. SSL 4000 g + , Neve genesys , Tascam and Icon desks along with a wide range of microphones! from AKG ,Shure , SE.
And also a nice range of outboard gear to!

this will be all totally FREE!!! of charge and a possibility of the track or tracks being released at later date.

i need reliable people that i can count on being there and also need to live in the london area or are willing to travel up for sessions.

here is a link to my college website... Study Sound Engineering, Audio Engineering, Filmmaking and Multimedia Courses in London, UK - SAE London if any one is interested to see what equipment we have!

also here is my email address if any one is interested! Lewis.Joyce@hotmail.com or PM me.

hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks