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    please all members start leaving feedback here about the forums so we can raise our game !

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    change the topic title to

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    Not too keen with the 25 posts minimum to be able to post links...

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    this is to stop spammers. 25 posts shouldn't be to hard

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    25 post's is quite high. we are a genuine band not a spam bot and to get to 25 posts.... we are looking like a spambot cause we have to reply with any old bull$$$$, and start topics of no reall conversation... so this has got to be just as bad. we have already gained interest to our band, thanks to people going round the houses and looking us shows that you have genuine people, but the 25 post makes every member dilute the genuine interest of the post that they are making small talk on in order to attain a 25 post count

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    will consider lowering the limit perhaps, although I don't think it's that hard to make 25 posts.

    What other comment please everyone - anything goes

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    Personally, I think the 25 post cap is reasonable.

    I'd create more forums, More genre-related areas of discussion.

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    have you any suggestions on which subgenres??
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    Re: Feedback

    There is a another post discussing sub genres were looking into this

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    I think you are right
    the newds

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