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Thread: Im new so just acouple of bars :) See what its like :P

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    Im new so just acouple of bars :) See what its like :P

    Ok im new here so just posted this see how its likes and everything im only 14 so not so good yet

    Ok.... Yoo im like the devil coming up from underground to the earth,
    Your lifes $$$$ed up but i make everything 10times worse,
    Your carnt hide behind no fed,
    Come war with me you'll end up with bullet holes in your head,
    All your boys dead,
    All your boys crying,
    Neva running always dieing,
    These bars are like bullets flying at ya,
    They drop that fast,
    That you'll fink its bats flying at ya,

    Iv $$$$ed up my life got kicked out of school,
    I now its stuiped i now i was a fool,
    Grown up now trying to change my ways,
    Lifes hard having to put up with these long days,
    I need somthing to belive in,
    My heart is bleeding,
    But im strong no need to start cryin,
    People bein shot dead,
    People always diein.

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    I'm sure someone here will battle you

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    Can you battle me?

    OK you think you can merc me but your rong,
    Oh just so i dont forget hears your mums fongs,

    Im like superman on steads,
    Bring anyman you want $$$$ them all they'll end up dead,
    Bullet holes straight through there head,
    No need to were a bullet proof vest,
    Im from manchesta were if you not the best ull end up dead,
    Dont start me on this mc ting,
    My bars are strong like a bees sting,
    You can feel the impact awile afta,
    Dont stop spitting just cause my bars are like bullets flying at ya.
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    I'm retired from the game, but dont worry someone here will battle you

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    Ahhh... OK you prob would off merced me anyway :P

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    lol famoooo listnn....
    i bet ya swag ass dint knw tht bee's die after they sting
    you repeated the same $$$$ twice ya hadda a betta chance of searching lyrics in google or bing
    i got more barz then china's population of ming's and chin's
    im jus hoping ya swag ass dunt reply coz im engaged to grime i got a wedding ring

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    Chill out kid you dont now me,
    Im to advanced for this $$$$ thats why they tried to sue me,
    But it didnt happen they neva even thouched me,
    My heads to $$$$ed up for this $$$$,
    Dont come to battle me spittin all that $$$$,
    I no bee's die afta they sting,
    But im not the one hiding in protection wing,
    Claiming that im on this ting,
    When your clearly not,
    You clearly hide behind cops,
    Wishing i would stop,
    Wishing i would hold back the mercege so you could take a breath,
    Come clash wiv me and it will be the end of you,
    It will be your death.

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    I'd post a response but I don't even bother with non-experience
    It's not worth convenience of my expedience
    Fallen so quickly there's no need for resilience
    Written in thirty seconds, call it insane brilliance

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    You think your a badman,
    But your pretendin,
    Try too merc me?
    What the fuk you need your head mendiin,
    Im not gona stop im gona keep mercin,
    Seeing you on this thread always lercin,
    Im not ased bout your $$$$$hole bars,
    Spittin them $$$$ your not goiin far...

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    I don't even need to bother using profanity
    Words in their simplicity make you endangered like manatees
    Soft-hitting do you think you're gonna endanger humanity?
    Maybe it doesn't even take the man in thee to conquer your insanity.
    Commence when I intensely condense your defense to over-tense
    Knock it over the fence, left in immense suspense and leave it in incense
    From thence and whence like a capital offense
    Before I even drop the twopence of my two cents.

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