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Thread: weekly ICEMAN post (not for the light hearted)

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    weekly ICEMAN post (not for the light hearted)

    -------------[Grimy its icy time, get icy its freezing time]--------------

    Catch some of the latest tune Ids, dubz, forth comings, reminders (old scoolish stuff), todz, drum and bass, up and coming tracks in the weekly ICEMAN post every Sunday. Been doing it since nine seven (9 7) and if garage is sinking im going down with it. Ok ok enough riff raff heres this weeks selection:---:

    0 out of 0 = havnt heard this yet
    0 out of 10 = this is so $$$$
    10 out of 10 = jack pot this whole track was arranged exactly how I would

    1) Flat beat – oris jay
    this ones aight nothing much you know but been canning this one for about a year now is it out yet? Well im not too sure look out for it should be out by now. Tunes not bad nice little bassline track. 4 out of 10

    2) amazon – mark 1
    mmmmmmmmaaaarrrkkuss stop it stop stop stop stop. Mark retaliates to the mention of turn it up which was advertised in the weekly ICEMAN post last week. Your killing it too much. Is this still on well im not too sure if you havnt heard it yet go it might be their to listen. Unfortunately im a bit late to be saying “yeah yea this ones forth coming (shut up ice)”. This ones out now go get it. Erm I still didn’t get the thing mark. 10 out of 10

    3) what would you do – total package
    this ones an MC track by an up and coming crew called total package. Not bad boys this ones expected to come out early next year not sure the label but should be pretty big. With some catchy lyrics over the top of a cool beat look out for this. Check out for more info 6 out of 10

    4) benga – rival
    im just sitting here listening to this track done by benga. Ive got the track up REAL load on my monitors so I can hear everything. This ones aight on a bassline tip. But the thing about this one is its pretty boring it don’t sound like its going anywere. Anyway I think its forth coming still or it might even be out now. 2 out of 10

    5) don’t wanna know – dillinja (remix)
    im not too sure about the whole tune but im feeling certain parts of the tune. Easy Dillinja you joker. 2 out of 10

    6) oriental express – zed bias
    this is by far one of the best produced tracks out their on road at the mo for me. With some broken beat influence behind it. Definitely one of my personals. Ive been ranting and RAVing about this track from long time (I lie uptown?). this ones out now came out in September on solja recordings. You have to listen to this people its one of the best tracks out their for me at the mo. It appeals to the forward crowd and also the vocal DJs. 10 out of 10

    7) said the spider (mark 2) – darqwan
    I I I I I I I I I I I I I I told told told told told told told you you you you yyoooouuuuu (wave lab - time stretch) “I happen to like spiders”. Who took note when I bigged this up in the weekly iceman post a couple months back?. Just listening to a mix tape given to me by an up and coming DJ who insist I listen to his set on radio and the MC reload the track more than 3 times. I personally like the original over the VIP mix. 8 out of 10

    8) more to the floor – strider
    havnt actually got this track and I don’t think I need to say much as you have all proberly heard it or heard about it already. Track should sell with enough promotion behind it personally wouldn’t really drop it. Gotta big up rossi b and luca don’t forget to catch their show on Saturdays trust me youll be amazed with what tricks they have in store. 3 out of 10

    9) the jug/bruck was out (on flip) – high grade
    Remember this? So how come you’ve all of a sudden just forgot about it?. Really pisses me off. The tune didn’t even get its fare time on radio and clubs. I’m un happy about that. This was a good distinctive track that should have received much more credit than it did. You lot couldn’t wait till it came out and when it did you don’t play it. Whys that?. 10 out of 10

    10) snake charmer – unknown
    due to be released on road the same label which larn mowa was released. Not to sure who made this but its got some mellow trumpet sound and sub Egyptian sounding sub bass going on in the background. 6out of 10

    11) high land spring – Benny Hill
    one of the new ones in my record to the collection. With a heart beat thumping bassline like wom wom… wom wom… wom wom. Not a bad track. Again its instrumental. It has some Egyptian screams in the background as well. Good track. Its Definitely something you would here jay da flex play. 6 out of 10

    12) allure – Trance Boy United Kingdom
    you know what I havnt actrally heard this track but I been told to give it a little plug so massive don’t forget to follow up trance boy for this track. Oh one last thing, I think its forth coming out soon I believe well not too sure. 0 out of 0

    13) smile– infiltration
    hhhhmmm this is the track that had me hold a meeting with the weekly ICEMAN team on weather this should go in or not. And that was back in july times lol. Ok smile by narrows and co is well erm nothing to over react about but I don’t know may be you lot might like it personally im not on it at all. 2 out of 10

    14) rhythm track – matt bodysnatcher
    this ones been out for a while. Im really feeling the piano sequence in this tune. Just cant get over it. I just keep puling the niddle back to that point. Love it. Rewinds very own editor mat mason on the buttons. Not sure if you can still pick this up ill find out from matt for ya. 8 out of 10 Mathew

    15) unknown – wookie
    oh my gosh (monkey – time stretch) I just got a brand new thing by wookie. But it has no name. I hate these no name tracks some times its really annoying when you have to put them in the weekly ICEMAN post because it’s sounds like your making it up. Feeling this track that much I thought ill add this to the list even though I don’t know the name of it. It has no samples and has a bird-sounding animal in the background. And a lot of electro sounds like robot sounds and stuff. Ill get an ID by the end of the week. 6+ out of 10

    16) call party – monkey
    ice – “monkey when did you make this one mate?”
    monkey – “bruv back in the dizay. Na July/June weren’t it?”
    ice – “Sutton like that”
    award winning 4 by law (4) champion monkey comes with this chain saw sounding bassline track. LoL monkey you’re a joker man. but bruv im feeling this one though. Because although some people may think “ooh well its another poorly produced 4/4 basline crap that the bassline producers are making”. But in fact the intro has some pretty nice strings. 9 out of 10

    17) missing minds – DJ wire
    feeling this one. But its one of those things were if everyone had it, it would get boring to me real quick. 8 out of 10

    18) Quasi ET – invisble inc
    oh shiit I forgot I had this record. Picked this one up in September. Its still forth coming. Should be out on underground sound. Check out This ones a bit different its alright but I cant complain I got it free (and nothings free in this country not even shopping bags). The tracks not gonna blow up or change the scene or anything just a little promotion thing for them. 4 out of 10

    19) deep deep love – el tuth
    im so rubbish ive been going on for a year about theirs a tune that jay da flex plays that goes deep deep love and their all like “WHAT?. You want my love?” “no I’m not gay”. I havnt got this track but I only just found out the name of it and its heavy. This ones for all those that are into the old school vibes those that were raving to London thing, destiny, time, desire, so near so fare, stone cold (legendary classic), cool the menta the list goes on people this ones you. 10 out of 10

    20) nasty - bogeyman
    aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Bogeyman kills it with this one. This was the 3rd release by him entitled nasty. The tune is sick no not even sick flipping outrageous the tune is moving proper physically moving and the wickedest thing is that it came out a while ago so you must be thinking of it was out a while back why put it in now we cant get it can we?. The answer is NO but I’m about to make some serious phone calls to try and get it back in blackmarket. The trouble with bogeyman is that he just presses 500 and then done he disappears from the face of the earth no promotion then “what? What? What?” BLAM a next nuclear sub low missile from him. The tune is very drum and base influenced but then again bogeyman is really ***** and hes a *** *** *********** so it makes sense.10 out of 10

    21) war (mark 2) – Johnny cash
    this ones aight nice 8 bar track for all the slimzee $$$$y suckers. Slimzees big because slimzee is doing what he likes. Massive don’t following anyone be your self. Whats the point in playing everything slimzees playing. Are you a leader or are you a follower. That will just make you slimzee 2 wouldn’t it. Like the reverb on the bass. Uses the same sounds and bass as the orignal the track is just arranged differently. 5 out of 10

    Remember the weekly iceman post every Sunday right here keep it locked. For more info on any of the tracks above leave a post or PM me. Tune doing it for me this week has got to be -={[;:+:;]}=- nasty – bogeyman Remember its
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    wheres take a minute bro geeneus man ?

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    10) snake charmer – unknown
    due to be released on road the same label which larn mowa was released. Not to sure who made this but its got some mellow trumpet sound and sub Egyptian sounding sub bass going on in the background. 6out of 10


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    19) deep deep love – el tuth

    It's actually by El Tuff (Karl Brown and El-B), wicked track though

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    iceman error

    number 10 is not snake charmer number 10 is unknown and it is produced by eastwood. one of the big apple familly

    snake charmer is indeed out now go get that but the discription of track number ten in not snake charmer number ten shouldnt have snake charmer above it

    iceman error

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    Just me or does anyone else think that 9/11 is well funny?

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    I think you're on to something Grueboy...I also find the works of Dr Harold Shipman utterly amusing.

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