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Thread: Hey Guys

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    Hey Guys

    just joined this today and wrote a few lines..gonna post em up and tell me what you think...thanks

    wake up every morning with a head full of stress,
    same $$$$ everyday, no job, in a burden of debt,
    dunno how i manage to actually get out of bed,
    think its cuz am hungry and a wanna be fed,
    but the hunger aint for food to fill ma belly,
    its for the cash, the paper, the money.

    get downstairs and have ma daily breakfast,
    bowl fulla cereal and a joint to kill the tension,
    sit ma ass down and turn on the Dell,
    it aint even powered up and begins ma hell,
    you wasting ya life, ya 28 thats what they saying,
    you aint got a job, no money, were always paying.

    nigguh i hear this $$$$ everyday, why you trippin,
    you think i dont realise this $$$$ am contemplating,
    welcome to windows, enter your password,
    thats what the screens saying on ma laptop,
    few key presses and thats me all done,
    loggin into windows,welcome have fun,

    now the plan was for me to find a job,
    but the smokes kickin in and a feel a bit gone, find myself typing,
    get half way and ma brain starts fighting,
    whats the point, nothing there, never is, thats where am loggin in,

    Now a hear ya saying that am just lazy,
    truth is ma thoughts are a bit hazy,
    dont blame the smoke tho thats what am sayin,
    you dont know half the $$$$ ive been through and now im payin,
    its my only mean of relief to get high,
    stops all the dangerous thoughts that could end me up inside.

    so am sat here now writing these lyrics,
    emptying ma head and all thats in it,
    it aint about the money or the women and cars,
    its about life, the truth, and damn its hard,
    so take note dont be like me and let life get you down,
    get up,do sumik about it before in your sorrows you drown.

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    good barz, ;d get online n strt posting some on mc battle thread

    welcome to the thread dawg ;D

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    Thanks man, jus something a wrote this afternoon, first time a strung something togeather if am honest

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    get to no the game better on
    mcbattle thread

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    1. Write in 8's not 6's, tbh dont even know how people manage this one. I can only write in 4's or 8's personally.
    2. Layout is important - thanks for keeping the same structure throughout.
    3. You started losing it towards the end, to me its like you kept writing cos you got on a roll and didnt go back over it to make sure it fits in with the rest of the verse. But you say your new so I will stop here and suggest you read back over it and improve or write a new one and I will rate
    4. @N10, how you get so many damn posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol u talk too much

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    :d :d :d :d :d :d.....

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    Abit weak but iv just started too mate rate these ?
    Im sick with the hits that twist n blare,
    You're $$$$ with bits that dont compare,
    I kick n share, my lyrics flare,
    so quit chatting 'skills' when theres no skills there!

    I know its u that u think tht we're rating,
    but believe this is mine for the taking, im fully staking,
    Taking bare cash while ur sat straight hating,
    Cant catch me nah im straight SNAKING

    havent quite done anything with them yet just wondering what you think ?

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    nice,nice carry on

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