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Thread: My Bar Thread!

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    My Bar Thread!

    Seems I need a place to put all my non-battling bars aswell

    ---------------------- Part 1 ----------------------

    Life's got me twisted, like dreadlocks /
    On a railway through time not sure of my next stop //
    Seeing strangers on trains passing me like a race /
    Rushing to the end, knowing no matter the pace //
    Death's icy grip will eventually reach in /
    Grab their soul along with their sins //
    So knowing this, everyone continues to live /
    Taking from the world yet failing to give //

    Cos only one person matters and that would be 'I' /
    Want to live forever, don't want to die //
    But since death is destined I'll try and get a good run /
    But I've ran into a wall they call a conundrum //
    How do, I leave more then a gravestone? /
    Even though my time of death is mostly unknown //
    I know that, there are worst fates than death /
    Now walking, can't go right so go left //

    Will probs add more or do something completely different.
    Last edited by Bane; 23-02-2010 at 09:51 PM. Reason: One line had too many syllables so wasn't flowing right. Tweaked some commas as well.

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    ---------------------- Part 2 ----------------------

    A decade, a half and three years /
    Confused about my life, no time for fear //
    I'm now off the beaten path, lost in the woods /
    Overshadowed when they 'leave', never understood //
    How they could, enter the scene after me /
    Exit before, yet leave more than me //
    Their the definition, of a legacy built /
    While I'm, more of a glass of milk spilt //

    They don't cry for me, just point and judge /
    I'm living below, while they're walking above //
    Contemplating, if i'll make it to the top /
    Or will, my life clock suddenly stop //
    Want to be more, than just a human /
    Part 'a bomb', like Harry Truman //
    Explosively known, like guncotton /
    Always remembered, never forgotten //

    I like this one better than my previous...
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    ---------------------- Part 3 ----------------------

    Getting kinda tired of smoking trees /
    Burnt the forest down, now I can see //
    My location, I'm in a shopping centre /
    Destination, exit opposite from where i entered //
    Now I have an aim, I need nothing more /
    Looking in windows, what has life got in store? //
    A discount on misery, a 2 for 1 on pain /
    Happiness prices skyrocket again //

    Seems control, is getting cheap too /
    Freedom of speach gets a dis~con~tin~ue //
    Every step, brings me closer to the door /
    Grab the handle and push it towards the floor //
    Flung it open, outside of life I see /
    Enlightened, there's still more for me //
    Out there, so now I continue my travel /
    Hoping it's the truth that i'll unravel //

    I don't have a clue what I'm doing with all this, not even sure I like most of it. Might scrap it all. Meh, we'll see.

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    Not bad, you should have entered the tournament. If you feel like taking either Ill_Skills place or MC_Blaze, feel free to drop in either of there places, your choice which one, some time soon, before that option goes.

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    ---------------------- Intermission ----------------------

    Flame harder than most, dudes fearing the ghost /
    Passing through and burning any approach //
    That anyone makes to try and rival the beast /
    No beauty on the side, not tied to a leash //
    Anyone tries I'll get it Kraken like a sea creature /
    Tear em apart rearrange their facial features //
    Have them watching the floor and sniffing the sky /
    Tasting behind them and frowning below their eyes //

    They got a lightweight flow mines a spawned epidemic /
    No weight in their words, they're born anorexic //
    The words ain't bolded but they do come strong /
    And I'm f.ucking, Rectifing Any Wrongs //
    I'm f.ucking raw! No protection on me /
    No rubber, just pen to pad and I simply //
    Give birth to more than just words on pages /
    Take a nut and help give birth to the ages // feeling to tweak some of this. Probs do it at a later date...

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    Quote Originally Posted by K1NG
    Not bad, you should have entered the tournament. If you feel like taking either Ill_Skills place or MC_Blaze, feel free to drop in either of there places, your choice which one, some time soon, before that option goes.
    Hmm, I'll think about it. Not sure I can be assed at the mo tho. Will give u a heads up if i change my mind.

    If u don't hear back from me about this just shove LJT and kd0t into the next round. Sucks that those two are a no show but should still be an interesting tourney

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    ---------------------- Interval ----------------------

    Born from the ashes, Awoken from the night /
    Nurtured in the clashes, Embraced by the light //
    The old was burnt, it gave birth to my life /
    Kept my eyes open, saw my way through the strife //
    Bred in the battles, gave me a sharp eyesight /
    Glowing example, so my words shine bright //
    In a room full of darkness, but the time's not night /
    Consuming the harshness giving way to my knight //

    The other me, nobley birthed to be /
    A legend, something no one can take from me //
    Battling the demon that resides insides /
    Unrivalled power, when the two collide //
    No longer a man, but a walking contradiction /
    Execration, and part benediction //
    Trying to find a balance, like Atmosphere /
    Between a destroyer and an engineer //

    So far am feeling this one more than the rest...might focus on these types of bars and/or a flow like this
    Last edited by Bane; 24-02-2010 at 07:47 PM.

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    Bane, I could do with another body in the tournament, just say the word dude, you'd be doing me a favour.

    By doing me that, you'll automatically be placed into the semi's.

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    Nah is no point now.

    Is gonna be Hoodzy vs K1NG or N104Life. Winner of that against winner of kd0t vs LJT. Whoever wins that, wins the tourney.

    I'll join the next one but there isn't a place for me in there really. Would be a forced extra match when it isn't really needed considering its the semi's already.

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    Nah Id rather run a dual semi final, whereby the winner's compete in a final, c'mon?

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    Haven't posted here for a piece, guess I should drop a little update for my adoring fans

    Educated with the pen but I got a vulgar speech pattern /
    Queens English written but speak like Bin Laden //
    An explosive vocab with terrorist tendencies /
    With a sharp tongue on the mic, cutting up emcees //
    Don't know French, so no mercy (merci) when I speak /
    Not monday to sunday, these ain't words of the weak (week) //
    Heavy bars, like they're stolen from the gym /
    I reap young rappers like my first names Grim //

    Think this is my best one so far. More to come...maybe...

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