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Thread: Wifey Barz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I Dow Care If Im An Idiot Neww Laptop Aint Got A Clue

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    yo ive been looken,at this gyal from daii
    she got big $$$$$,wit there soft hair like haii
    but am waiten for her birthdaii ,on may
    so i can get kisses.n wishes if u get wht i say
    once i went 2 the girl,n i waz like *watcha say*
    watcha say ,what you want i will pay,

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    I wrote a song to an instrumental called Grime Groupies (produced by Flukes who did Wifey Riddim for people that may have heard it and/or him) n this is a verse from it

    I got this chip on my shoulder when it comes to girls, i dont love em i leave em (leave em)
    Had this 1 shawty tho, now she gone my heart aint beatin
    Lay awake at night thinkin bout me n her, mostly under covers but whos to say
    What we had wasn't real, the feelins grew, n i began to feel
    Sneakin out on her man for days on end, tellin him with her friends she spend
    Time with them but she with me, cant be seen out in public so the truth she bend
    Pictures of us on facebook together, our dirty little secret so innocent n clever
    Callin me to come round when her man aint home, she tellin me he dont please her ever

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    tht waz a nice one 9/10.......for the 1st and second verse i like they way you dropped it you started the hole sentence good keep it up ljt lol.....keep it goin ;D

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    It's on some real sh!t too...the whole song was about a girl I was seein last year!

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    lol you doneno lol

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    this gyal iz gettin inoyying...she try parr,me i friggan embarresed her in front of her freinds...but still she gottah ATTITUDE BOI!!!!

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    girl if i was sent to pen will u still luv me/

    if i didnt smell so good will u still hug me/

    i dnt wanna get 2 the stage,wit the babies n the buggy/

    i see this guy likes u but i like u even more/

    would u still luv me if i aint got money,n am poor/

    you see how sprung i gott cha/

    get it to the stage,where am the love doctor/

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    thats sick wot bout thease barz

    how can u do that, puttin $$$$ in your kids heads
    when really u should be sayin kids its gone 8 get your ass into bed
    feeding 'em $$$$ what are you a fed
    when in a few years theyll be comin to me to put the butter on the bread
    then there gunna go home saying mum why ya lie for, your full of $$$$ like a field when the muck has been spread
    one day yourll realise what you did,
    so hatable you would be hated by cupid
    ya gunna end up lookin stupid
    and i must do this just like a nudest
    ur gunna get boxed up afta 8 just like the afta 8s
    u may aswell say $$$$ this m8
    coz ya gunna loose anyway

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    look your my wifey,
    so dont be pointing that knife,
    at me ,
    you think that for your love i wont risk it,
    i love you more than a fat man loves his biscuits,
    so i want to cuddle and i wont undo your bra,
    i hope you trust that i want drive off like nascar,
    so let me set this record straight,
    and put this beyond all the debate,
    my special little someone is called kate,
    and she is the only girl that i rate,
    you get that mate!

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    lol i like dah biscuit bit nice nice

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    lol cheers tbh when i wrote it i copied and pasted on to a new wifey im doing lol :P

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    Funny man, but I'm a bit afraid to hear you flow

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