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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    May 2012
    Well this month it's been:

    Black Keys, Deftones, Jack White, Jimi Hendrix, Hanoi Rocks, NIN, JJ & Mofro, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, Stevie Ray Vaughn, LMFAO, Tupac, The Coup, Ice Cube, BB King, Howling Wolf, Son House, Gogol Bordello and some Dead Kennedys.

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    I was at a gig recently in London and came across this new band called 'Paper Boats' - They were quite timid and shy but when they played they came out with this awesome 80's style pop music, really quite blown away by them, if you're into The Cure/Smiths/Craft Spells sorta jangly sounding 80's esque music then they're definitely worth a listen! You can find them on x

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    Listening to Anton Alvarez's spine tingling vocals. You can check him out and get “Believe In Me” – the single from new album "100% Heart"-for FREE!

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    Right now I am listening the song My Heart Will Go On sung by Celine Dion. This is the most beautiful and heart touching song I have ever heard. Its lyrics is too good.

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    Tiger Billy - Mending Tonight

    Great dance anthem, great vocals and catchy melody!

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    the coral

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    For driving fast its the Foo Fighters. For slowing down its Adele
    Are there too many guitar shops in Peterborough? You only need one: GTR Music.

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    Rascals - Fireblaze

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    you know... last time, I'm really got addicted to David Guetta. He did his best and there were lots of fine releases these years

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    Major Lazer sounds really good

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    Do you know about him? I think, he`s one of the best new popular pop-singers. First I found his work on this site. There is little information about him as he walked to success. If interested, you can look at. His tracks are just great! Listen if you've never heard and write your impressions of this creative artist!

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    t.A.T.u. - Not Gonna Get Us

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    Nell Bryden - Wayfarer

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    Giulia - Radio Junky

    This is my friday listening song! Soo catchy!

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    Im absolutely loving the original and acoustic version of this track at the moment, Gotta give it a listen.

    Giulia | Singer

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    Pick Me Up, Hunter and The Bear

    You should check out this track and others by them, not really like the kind of bands you mentioned but worth listening to all the same

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    Benjamin Steel - Be Alright

    This guy is pretty much the epitome of pop music to me. He's actually had a long history in the music scene remixing people like Rihanna apparantly.

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