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    STR!NG - indie, rock band


    The band was formed by guitarist Giorgi Marr and vocalist David Lomidze in 2000 in Tbilisi Geoergia. Band contalined five members. the first five members were: David Lomidze-vocals Giorgi Marr-lead guitar David Gabelaia -rythm guitar Achiko Kelbakiani-bass and Sandro Chinchaladze-drums. Soon the 3 members left the band, David Gabelaia was replaced by guitarist Levan Svanishvili , Achiko Kelbakiani was replaced by bass player Goga Kakulia and drummer Sandro Chinchaladze was replaced by Sandro Jgenti(sani). The band played mostly all festivals in georgia every year also string had many solo koncerts in all part of georgia. In 2005 track B 52 was taken as orginal soundtrack for the film "37 degree" and was shot a video wich was shown on 2 georgian music channels 1stereo and georgian music box. In 2006 string began to work with georgian label "Step Records" and started to work on the material for the album. In summer 2006 drummer Sandro Jgenti left the band and was replaced by drummer Sandro Sakhamberidze. In 2007 the band began to record theit first album in "step records" studio. The album is already finished and will be called B52 . The band is working on cover design now and the album will be released in late autumn. Exect date is not confirmed yet. The first single from the album is track "in my eyes" . the video premiere was shown on 22 june 2008. in 2008 july guitarist Levan Svanishvili left the band. SONGWRITING: All string's music and lyrics are written by: David Lomidze and Giorgi Marr MUSICAL STYLE AND INFLUENCES: Musically and lyrically String , cite bands such as : The Beatles,The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Ian Brown, Coldplay, Queen as their major infuences

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    STR!NG New promo video - Monster

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