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Thread: Best vids of 2010 (so far...)

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    Best vids of 2010 (so far...)

    So has 2010 impressed us so far with vids?

    I'm currently loving the Noisettes new vid shot by fans using mobile phones! What an ace idea!

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    N-Dubz - Say It's Over

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    Very cool.

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    Take a look at Virgin Soldiers' debut music video. As first videos go I think this is fantastic. The song is called Graduate and the message is a poignant and extremely relevant one:

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    Have a look at “The Digg Reel” on youtube.

    It is pretty funny and woth checking it out.

    r4 dsi gold

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    Quite enjoyed the Big Boi Shutterbug video.

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    The Top 10 hip-hop I love!

    Hey guys,
    My fav The Top 10 hip-hop, any comments on this?

    1. OMG - Raymond v Raymond
    2. California Gurls – CG
    3. Airplanes - B.O.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    4. Your Love is My Drug – Animal
    5. Break Your Hear – Rokstarr
    6 . Alejandro - The Fame Monster
    7. Nothing on You- The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    8. Bulletproof- La Roux [Japan Bonus Tracks]
    9. Hey, Soul Sister - Save Me, San Francisco
    10. Not Afraid - Not Afraid

    Grand Rapids DJ Service
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