Hi all, first of this looks like a great forum. I've been searching for a song for weeks now and it's bugging me so much. Unfortunately I can't even really remember any lyrics except , "MIND", then the song would go instrumental and then the singer would again say "MIND" (well I believe its the word mind, it could of been Mine, Time, Mind, Line. As for the type it was, great I can't even remember that. Sort of like rock/dance (drums beating fast, then the singer randomly saying "MIND/MINE etc etc". Singer was definitely male but with a pretty high voice, a bit like calvin harris sometimes when he sings in a high voice. As for the rythmn of the song it was very similiar to David Hasslehoffs "Jump In My Car" (DERN DER DER DER DER DER DERN, "MIND" DERN DERN DER DER DER DER DER DER DER DERN"). I can't remeber where I heard it from, whether it was a playstation game or on tv, I've searched through loads of tunes from varios playstation games I might of heard it from (FIFA 10 in particular), spent ages putting the words Mind, Mine, Time, Line into google and youtube, but no luck. Big apologies for appearing as some complete idiot lol it's just so annoying having heard a song recently but not being able to remember it! Thought this would be worth a shot, so cheers to everyone who helps here, much appreciated.