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Thread: whats on my mind.

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    whats on my mind.

    alright listen...

    some say, that i'm, one of a kind,
    there's nobody like me, your, able to find,
    i'm rollin' on streets, but not like a bad-man,
    yeah thats right fam-u-lar, i'm a good man-u-lar,
    i do things manually, im in-de-pendent,
    dont trust no-one, cept my girl, she's in-ma-pendent,
    close to my heart, fact, she etched in like a tat-too,
    just dont touch, i may allow you-ta-view,
    i write a quick 16, ha theres no catch 22,
    i must of been giving the easy road in-life,
    im the 1 in 2 that aint been stabbed with a knife,
    touch wood, it will stay that way,
    i just do good-like-i-should,
    i dont go to chicks houses' and give em' the dirty toos,
    like i said, im a good boy, always say my please and thank you's.

    some of it might be missing because it screwed up and i forgot some of it. merh.

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    tight bars fam

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