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Thread: Lady Libra.. NO REASON.. Out now!!!!

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    Lady Libra.. NO REASON.. Out now!!!!

    Lady Libra 'NO REASON'.... Out Now on XC!TE RECORDINGS.....

    as played on KissFM by DJ EZ N DJ Luck n MC Neat

    Order online @

    Please support me xxxxxx

    For lil clip go to...


    Feature & Mix CD IN Deuce Mag out December... Xtreme Talent & LadyLibra & Agent X & Ed Case & DJ Nikki xxx Buy it 2 hear me n See me! ****

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    thanx u hun xxx

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    Mar 2002
    Good Luck Libra...

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    sweet voice...

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    this is teh same one you were pushing bout 6 months or so again aint it.

    still dont like it


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    nah man sounds good still, lady libra post a poll an 'leave ur starsign'

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    ahhh, Oli thats kina raw, but each to their own. I havent heard it yet il listen to it lata.

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    thanx u!

    All copies on there have been sold... i think they r gonna order some more

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    OUCH!!!!!!! Put ur clawes away Oli

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    Nice tune, is it going in the national charts? or just in the garage record shops?

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    sounds heavi

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    its gonna be vinyl release.. then hopefully commercial release.. all depends how it sales n if it gets pushed n promoted enuff xxxxx

    thanx u for ur support

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    morph hun.. i cant ring ya ... got no credit ... give me a call on my mob yeh xxx

  15. #15 Platinum Member missc's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    good luck with tune and here's to seeing the piece in Deuce!!

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    wkd track!

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    Yup its a heavy track!! Good production from BM Dubs... Good luck Libra!!

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    picked it up 2 weeks ago, this is the type of u.k.g that needs to be produced more instead of all dark bassline tunes, very nice

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    I got this on sent, to be honest i haven't had the chance to listen to it, but i will soon.
    good luck with it anyway and well done. x

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    blimey this is the 1 st post by libra that hasnt turned into a libra caining post.

    good luck libra....

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