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    photography Pictures taken for Planetlove

    I've been doing for the past 2years am also doing a small amount of work for planetlove could you give me a chin up and tell me what you think of my pictures am taking????

    your thoughts on this is very greatful.

    Please also go to callymix and show her your support as she's
    great as you will hear on my youtube video.


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    Well, the photos are just fine.
    I also like the background music.
    It really jives to the animation
    you did. Thanks for sharing!
    It's more appreciated!

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    Hi. Thanks for your input.

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    I like your background music. It is pretty good.

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    Your background music had made your photos come alive

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    very nice photos background music is really awesome.

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    looks good!

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    Would be much better if u use the slow music in background..

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    thanks for posting !

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    Where is this place?

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