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Thread: Let Michael Jackson be with you

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    Let Michael Jackson be with you

    The death of Michael Jackson threw me in deep sorrow. As a hard-core Michael Jackson fan, after grief, I have also been continueing to collect works and materials related to him. Having been depressed for the past few days, I happen to find that the skin of a software in my computer can be even personalized by my own when sitting around. Then I maked two pictures by Photoshop with my sucked skills; Michael Jackson is now presented on the skin of my software.( Do the pictures look quite rough?).

    Many of you guys have more advantaged skills of manipulating graphic images over me, I think. So, I would say no more about it.( you are not gonna hit me, are you?LOL.) I’d better share the steps to personalize the skin of the soft ware now. This skill is very easy,I think you can personalize the skin of your software after reading my article.

    *Step1:Download the latest version of an Xlinksoft Video Converter Premium from; setup it after download.

    *Step2:After installing the software, right click the icon of the xlinksoft which is on the desktop(as picture 1), select“Properties"; a dialog box (as Picture 2) flies out. click the button "find target" Then the folder "Xlinksoft Video Converter 2009" will be opened,select the "skins" folder, then open the “Std” folder, you will find the two pictures "main_MASK.bmp" and "main_normal.bmp"

    *Step3:Download the two pictures which I have processed.(as picture below) After decompressing, replace the two pictures "main_MASK.bmp" form and "main_normal.bmp", then everything is OK.

    *Step4:Now, you can run the xlinksoft, you will see legend Michael Jackson has been Integration with your software.

    I am gratified by my works, thank Michael Jackson!!

    You can make "main_MASK.bmp" and "main_normal.bmp" by yourself,Put your favorite thing and yearning thing on the software, let these things be with you everytime.

    If you want to manage iPhone,ipod,Youtube video converter,the step is so simple. Goodluck!

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    I think so....

    see this comedy seans

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    cheeers for link

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    cheers , thank you !

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