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Thread: I Love Pop Music And I Am Desprate.....

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    I Love Pop Music And I Am Desprate.....

    i am a singer songwriter who is starting a songwriting team with my friend who is also a singer songwriter. we want to write songs for mainstream artists as we have the contacts of music publishers, record labels and songwriting organizations etc. i have been writing music since i was 6 and i belive that having a catchy chorus and a hook is what makes the song a success.we are looking to make this team a threesome ...(not in that way lol!) but we are looking for a producer and songwwriter that has unique sounds and that is very original and different to producers in the UK. we write pop, pop rock and RnB music as we want to start in the uk and write for artists such as (the saturdays, girls aloud, sugababes, pixie lott etc) and soon expand to the US. i hope to find someone that wants to be part of it as we can be a succesful production team in the UK next to the greats!!

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    Hiya Nenzy
    I'd love to hear some of your work; songwriting is also my passion despite having given up on ever making a living from it (although was a runner up in the UK Songwriter Contest two years ago). Also, I've just created a new community of songwriters in the UK - why not pop in and say hello?
    Are any of your songs available to hear online? I'm looking to gather up a few great unpublished British songs for a new myspace page too, dedicated to UK Songwriters - let me know if you're interested?

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