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Thread: someones view on 1Extra

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    someones view on 1Extra

    Found this on D'n'B arena forum:

    I listen to all types of music, and all sorts of artists. I listen to
    hip-hip, rock music and hard house. I listen to drum and bass, reggae and
    sometimes garage. I listen to DMX, The Streets and Jimi Hendrix. Wyclef
    Jean, Fatboy Slim and Oasis. I feel that by listening to all musics, I can
    learn to appreciate what others enjoy about that music. I try never to
    generalise music too much, for instance some people say they can't stand
    garage, on the other hand they're head bounces when '21 Seconds' comes on
    the radio. But whenever listening to music or browsing in a shop, I never
    see colour in the music. I might think of it as a genre, but only to explain
    to someone what it might sound like if they haven't yet heard it. Like the
    other day I heard the tune by Cam'ron on the radio, and I said to someone
    later, "Has anyone heard that Cam'ron tune?" and they're like "No, what
    music is it?" so I explain it's hip-hop and it's got a sample in it "Oh
    Boy". I never define music as a colour, because I don't see colour in music;
    I hear it and I feel it. If I'm not feeling it, I'll try not to listen
    again. I wont convince someone else it's crap, but I might discuss the tune,
    to see why someone else likes it. Still, it is never defined as a colour.
    I cannot understand why each year an award ceremony is held, to appreciate
    "Music Of Black Origin". I don't believe it's racist, because the awards are
    not saying Music Of Black Origin is better than other music that's not of
    black origin. I just can't understand why music is defined as being "of
    black origin". I suppose it depends how far we go back. It depends how deep
    we look, and what information we look for. I've been told that black
    music/music of black origin, has taken the idea of the 12-Bar Blues, which
    was almost exclusively played by black people back in the 70's across
    America. And Jazz. Okay, so they stopped looking there, they found what they
    were looking for. But the people who created Blues and Jazz, must have
    listened to something to inspire them to create their own music. Did they
    put a label on it? Or did they just create the music and be happy with that?
    It depends what you listened to. Like nowadays some people listen to Drum N
    Bass, which evolved from Jungle, which evolved from Hardcore. Drum and Bass
    has previously been celebrated at the MOBO awards, as being music of black
    origin. The album (out now kids!) has got LK on it. LK came from Brazil...
    taking an essence of Samba. Surely this is Samba Drum and Bass? No. It is
    black music. It's drum and bass, and they play it on 1Xtra (the new station
    from the BBC dedicated to black music).
    I've heard people say 1Xtra is racist, and/or the MOBO awards are racist.
    They're not. They are backwards. They are undoing, everything that has been
    done to integrate people together, to bring down the borders of skin colour
    and now they are segregating music. It would be racist if 1Xtra and MOBO
    said that black music was better than white music. But there is no white
    music. If there were white music, that itself would be deemed racist. That
    aside, the MOBO awards had some quality artists there, and no doubt their
    respective record company love these artists. The Chief Executives sit back
    and rub their hands every time they get on stage or release a new single.
    But I thought the MOBO's were about celebrating music of black origin, to
    bring out unpopular music where everyone can see it and to show people what
    was going on. And no doubt it was the first time, and maybe even the second
    time, but then they realised that these styles of music are popular, it's
    just that the public had no access to buy the music because it wasn't being
    sold. This year's MOBOs consisted of Ja Rule, Ashanti, MS Dynamite, LL Cool
    J, Chaka Khan, and many more... all of them commercially successful artists.
    Where were Phi Life Cypher and Roots Manuva? Where was the UK Hip Hop, and
    real urban music? That's what they should be celebrating. I don't care how
    many of them are black or listened to blues or took that idea and evolved
    it. I don't care if they used to listen to their dad play Jazz. If they did
    then fair enough, I should hear them talk about it in their songs. Not
    telling me again how America is full of pimps and rich hustlers, people
    wearing thick gold bracelets and necklaces. Sorry Irv, I know Ja Rule sells
    records, but I've already been told about his gold and I know that by
    driving a car with one "foot on the clutch" you aint going very far.
    The point I'm trying to make is that music has no colour. When I listen to
    1Xtra, it doesn't matter how much they tell me it's black music I still see
    no colour, I just hear good music. They try to sell 1Xtra to the public as
    street music as well, strange that, I've never heard them play The Streets.
    Is it because the artist is white, or because the artist hasn't defined his
    music as a genre? I know only certain genres fit in to the section of "black
    music" and it's not whether your skin is black, its whether the music you
    are making is defined as "garage", "drum and bass" or "hip hop". The MOBO
    awards are the same; it's about genre. It doesn't matter that I've listened
    to music that is now defined as black for years then I decide to make hard
    house using concepts from "black music". This should thereby make it music
    of black origin (apparently), but it's hard house, so it's not music of
    black origin and it's not black music. It only really matters whether the
    music sells and fits into the above three categories. Correct me if I'm
    wrong, because this is just my view and opinion. Its what I understand about
    the state of the music industry, from the facts I've been given. If I'm
    wrong, I will put my hands up and admit I'm wrong.
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    agree with that - that advert severely pisses me off - how a type of music can be black is beyond me...

    especially garage & drum n bass which has a majority of white producers and following.

    I suppose it depends how u define it, do the producers / DJs / MCs make a music a colour...or do the people who follow it make it a colour?


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    It's defiently the people that follow it who make it a colour.

    1Extra could of been called 'A station dedicated to Urban music" and it would of been fine.

    I think the real question is why BBC created this station?

    I've read it had something to do with the BBC not reaching their target of ethnic minority listeners so decided to "dedicate a station to Black Music"
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    exactly what I've been thinking.

    I was so angry when I heard the advert - its like, with all the problems in the scene at the moment & all the emphasis on how colour doesn't matter and racism in the media, how can they say its a station for black music?
    when garage ISN'T black music, its URBAN like you said. and again you have the arguement - if garage / hip hop etc is black music...what is WHITE music and would it be ok to say it if it was the other way around?!

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    [q]I've heard people say 1Xtra is racist, and/or the MOBO awards are racist.
    They're not. They are backwards. They are undoing, everything that has been
    done to integrate people together, to bring down the borders of skin colour
    and now they are segregating music.[/q]


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    who wrote that anyway ? i wanna give them a pat on the back coz they've made sense.

    someone could forward all that to the 1extra ppl at te bbc, altho I doubt they'd take the time to read it! Then again if enough people made a fuss..

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    This debate has been going on for a while on quite a few forums but I haven't heard a better post against it than this.

    Well done whoever wrote this, his points are spot on !

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    Yeah, a nice post.

    ALMOST contradicts himself when he's goes on about Ja Rule and that (he is 100% correct but that music is appreciated by people)

    The problem comes down to that fact that its so $$$$ing hard to define our music.

    For instance :

    Urban Music - when it comes down to it, doesn't mean a thing! If we are gonna be picky like this man has, then what if the music has been made in the country?! haha, taking it a bit far but you get the idea.

    We had the problem when we were thinking of the name for urban

    Black Music brings in race
    Urban Music brings in a lifestyle

    But I'd count garage in the same area as house, and that isn't "urban" (according to the record labels with money anyway), then again I'd also count garage in the same area as Hip Hop, which is counted,

    I guess the answer is...

    $$$$ IT - ITS JUST MUSIC.

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    Originally posted by D'Lush The Pimp
    $$$$ IT - ITS JUST MUSIC.

    Carnage's views on 1Xtra

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    Black music? Does that mean I can't listen to it and if I do, does that mean I'm just trying to be black? And what happens if I want to contribute - I've been MCin for 4 years, was the music only "black" then?

    I can't believe they have the gall to classify it by colour - even Choice FM call their station the "Urban Music station for London"; and I think there are about 2 white DJs on that station! What can you do tho? It's all music at the end of the day and now that we have more available, can't argue.

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    ^ What about indian music, does it mean you have to be indian to participate or to listen to it... i think not...

    I can believe that they class it as colour, i dont see the problem, just because it is 'black' music i doesnt say ANYWHERE that any other race can be involved, you people are making that up yourselves...

    And yes, it would be ok to call pop or any other 'white' genre 'white music', i'm black and i'd agree with it... I really dont see the problem

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    1 Extra is just another way to move people over to digital radio. Thanks a lot Govt. you really are a bunch of pukes.

    Maybe I'll go buy a digitial tv while I'm at it (widescreen of course).

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    labeling music by ethnic groups will always be. How the music lifts the spirits is just that. If classical make you feel good today and R&B makes you feel good ten minutes later, well there you have it, you feel good. If you don't listen to a certain typr because you are worried about a social label. Who is the real loser.

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