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Thread: cuabse problem

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    cuabse problem

    my midi in and out is working fine

    but I get no sound out of cubase?

    i can see the midi lights lighting up OK and the correct corresponding notes are all good

    but no sound? on any midi channel?

    the audio channels are ok


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    what is the midi triggering?

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    Yeh, what is your set-up?

    If you've got Cubase 5.1 it has habit (sometimes) of not triggering midi instruments you've connected. When this happens I close Cubase and restart it again.

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    Click on Audio Setup, and check what drivers you are using. Your basic one should be the multimedia one, which has around 750ms latency on mine e.g. a lot of delay between pressing the key and making a sound. Download drivers to make it quicker, or there may be other options.

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    yeah its just basically to do with my version mate!

    takes random turns to stop triggerin.. oh well! No matter im installing cubase sx tommorow.. heavyweight!

    Got a few cds coming full of virtual instruments too which is all good for now!

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