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Thread: Tune ID "Paradise Garage?"

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    Tune ID "Paradise Garage?"

    Heard a tune on unknown FM last week, it has this guy taking in it saying
    "yo party people we gotta keep this going, u know like the way we used to do it, at the paradise garage, people from all over the world , everyone was freaking"

    Its got a kind og cut up funk horn loop in it also, anyone got any idea's?
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    i have the same sample in a mashup between musique and U2's new years it may be a musique record, but i'm not sure....i'll poke around.

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    Wicked, Cheers!

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    I heard the same lines on an old Bobbi & Steve tape from 2000.

    Still don't know who did it though.

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    On Claude Challe's "Buddha Bar II" CD, there's a remix of the old bossa nova tune "Insensatez" that uses those words in the vocal track.

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    This track is: Me'shell Ndegeocello and Cevin Fisher - Who is he (and what is he to you)

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    Yes its Me'shell Ndegeocello..

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    Lenny williams was also a part of paradise Garage check out some of his stuff

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