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Thread: Midi timing.

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    Midi timing.

    Just got a new PC, and I'm using Cakewalk 9 to control MIDI. The problem is, when I playback it goes out of time. Anyone know how to sort this out?

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    What are you controlling with the midi? Are you using external devices or just using midi to control internal "virtual" instruments?

    One of the most common midi problems is caused when lower quality MIDI interfaces find it hard to send large amounts of data at once and so as soon as large amounts of notes or controller data arrives, notes get delayed. To solve this you can either get a better interface or try thinning the amount of notes or controller data that you use.

    The other common problem is daisychaining, when people connect too many devices one after the other. The only way of solving this is getting a multiway midi interface.

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    I am controlling a ESI 4000 sampler. Only MIDI is controlling it.

    As for the MIDI interface it is a M Audio 2x2 MIDISPORT thing. There may be a problem with it, actually. I'm not sure whether the USB light is supposed to stay on continually. On mine it fades in and out on regular intervals. Anyone know if this is supposed to happen?

    Also: I'm using Windows 2000 Professional. I heard that this may be causing a problem. I'm going to try using 98 tomorrow, as I hear that this is the best one for Audio. Any comments much appreciated.

    PS I haven't got any drivers for my ESI. Anyone know if there are any and where you get them from? At the mo I get a new hardware prompt whenever I boot up the PC. Had this on my old one though, and there were no problems with MIDI.

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    I reckon it might be the midi sport mate, i got 1 and its a load of crap. cant handle nuffin,

    im gonna buy a next 1 when i get the cash

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    the midisport gets my vote...that, or your USB drivers are out of wack

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    I used to work with projects using Cakewalk Pro Audio before switching to Steinberg products. Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0 doesn't support virtual instruments, Sonar does. AFAIK, any sequencer running on W2K has had midi timing problems bcoz of the OS itself. I'm not sure if Cakewalk 9.0 was optimized in W2K. You might have to switch to W98SE if you want to continue using it. Or maybe time to upgrade your Cakewalk 9 to Sonar instead.

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