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    ive gt this mic rite in my hand
    which part of my rhyme dnt u nderstand
    ive gt the bars n i rip the melody
    the no point chttin bk ure all led dwn like dead peeps in a cemetary
    i just up this mic wiv my vocabulary
    its increase the intensity so hard n rapidly
    my mouth spittin bars like its powered mechanically

    so if any u mcs wnna try n giv $$$$ bk
    u no ill just send to a lower level n on the track bk

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    Jun 2008
    i rip up the mic lyk a raging bull

    ive got the power within me 2 crack ure skull

    u fnk u livin life rite to the full

    just drinkin n shaggin n out on the pull

    well there alot mre in life tht u need 2 see

    y dnt u buy a mic n try 2 mc

    spittin ure rhymes tryin b the best like uz up n comers wivin the north west

    ive nt mced 4 too long

    but i can rave mn rhyme 2 any song

    so in my mind ive made the improvent

    wer god had givin sum awsum talent

    nw im spittin pure venom

    i dnt need no knife or guns or nuclear weapons

    i take my lrics outa reach n hunt u dwn just like police

    wen u gt mcs sayin du not speak

    well dnt gt 2 close u mite melt frm the heat

    n ill keep u on ure feet

    like a fat man hu 2 big for his seat

    coppers are quick 2 b prikz

    u cud b obiding the law u n cn still gt nicked

    there bin so close calls

    i had 2 jump walls

    running thru skwls

    n stashin our tools

    all thm coppers are fools

    im not a gangsta definatly not

    im just trapped in the depths of criminality


    steppin in rapidly

    my right hand works like its powered machanically

    all my $$$$ self explanatary

    they can pay 5 pound 4 my cd its no charity

    ive got a killer vocabulary

    i fout they b glad 4 me]

    but there on blast 2 me

    well if u dnty like me dnt cht 2 me

    im practisin 4 hrs like i wrk in a factory.

    ill just say the script

    thn cause darkness like a solar eclipse

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