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Thread: OMG!!! Lady Libra - nxt Sun(28th) July - 30,000 peeps!

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    lol at "most people bigging themselves up" - maybe this is why "most people" don't make it anywhere meaningful in life. They're too busy chatting themselves up.

    I guess it's just something that I don't like.

    And Elljay, I personally am not jealous nor am I hating on Hollie. I'm just trying to give her some advice re: promoting yourself in the business.

    If you want to be a professional, act professional

    If you go around talking about how good you are people tend not to believe you - at least those of us with a healthy dose of scepticism/experience tend not to. If others go around talking about how good you are...well, that's when people start to listen.

    Hire yourself some PR. Let them do the talking for you. The 'star' should be too good to talk about how exactly how good he/she is.

    Anyway, enough out of me.

    Hollie, break a leg! Hopefully this will be the big break you've been looking for and you'll no longer have to tell people how good you are...they'll just know. On the real, I *am* hoping you wow 'em. It's always good for someone to succeed in this business! I'd love to see you go far.

    Sorry for coming off in such a condescending manner. It's the crotchety old man in me.

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    Originally posted by missc
    LMAO I was saying it to you Libra but in jest...remember the advice

    Had to jump on the bandwagon and play this forum hating game.

    It's Logans way of playing hard to get i think he so wants my babies and hasnt quite accepted that yet.
    My bad Chants

    Thought you was having a go @ Hollie

    Kinda had a feeling that it was a sly dig a Logs tho' .

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