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Thread: Questions for Harvey

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    I was being sarcastic Lady Ice! Most people would have asked the same sort of questions!

    Anyway, I'm signing off now. Evasive, good to sort of meet your yesterday and good to chat to you other peeps, I'll be back soon :-)

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    Oh, sorry... didn't come accross

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    Mar 2002

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    She was joking about being original! I got it!

    She seems nice :-)

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    smoothie, fyi, we can read your ip addresses...

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    not that i'm denying that lady blodie seems nice.

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    What do you mean about the IP addresses?

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    we know that Smoothie, Lady Blondie, and about 5 other people are using the same terminal and thus likely know each other/are each other in RL. That's all.

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