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Thread: Dred wants WAR!!!!!

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    Dred wants WAR!!!!!

    This is Real G Dred is sitting next to me trying to run his $$$$$ bwoy mouth. Gun shot hav to bust for his type of people.

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    OI! the only bussin that takes place roun here... is the bussin dat u do wen u watch MAN
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    MAN! How dare u $$$$$. Here everyone have a look at Dreds gal. Den we will c whos bussin over man.
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    WELL... BLADRINA!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT UR GYAL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yo $$$$$ at least its a gal. How cum u didn't realise ur gal was a man. I mean wen ur $$$$$ was gettin rooted u mean u didn't real nothing. And didn't u think it was strange wen un were giving head to her instead of her giving it 2 u

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