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Thread: Brown & Brown - Good Life

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    Brown & Brown - Good Life

    OK, before you start saying Im late... Ive had this in my box for AGES now and never really given the B side a good play. Ive been listening to the 'Kool Drop Vox Mix' all afternoon. Don't you just love the synth sounds at the beginning?

    I also really rate Qualified production, which is why I bought it in the first place. The 4x4 Dub is absolute quality!

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    i like the mas collective mixes. and the karl brown mix

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    OK, well they aint on my copy

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    There were two 12" of this .

    One that came out offically (the Karl Brown and MAS mixes) and another that was just on a promo run (Karl Brown 2 Step Mixes and Qualifide RMX's)

    Hope this helps

    I like both of the 12" !!

    All of them have wicked mixes on them !!

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    Yes the MAS Collective Anarcrusan Club mix is the one. Much better than the other mixes.

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    Damn... so your saying I missed out? That's what coming from Manchester and hearing nothing but DJ Zinc does to ya.

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