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Thread: new track please take a listen and

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    new track please take a listen and

    tell me wot you


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    Nice snap on the snare.

    The hats are nice and crisp as well

    Kinda straight ahead patterning though...could use a bit more swing to it.

    Any chance of a vocal sample?

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    yeh vocals are getting smacked onto this later this week

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    yo im feelin this tune still as an mc i would ride over it

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    yo safe.e-qee

    im thinking bout getting an mc- you think it would sound ehavy yeh, still need to dd a few bits and pieces.....


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    I agree with sen on the need for swing. The mix also could be more lively. I don't know how to explain this's just not real punchy - especially the low end. Just a little mushy, though this could be the .RM file.

    It IS a nice groove, and would sound good with some flow over the top of it.


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    yeh yeh, i know wot ur saying mate, u wnat it to bounce a bit more, add some funky stabs and shiut.hopefulyl when vocals hit it, it will be more to ur taste.......big it up


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    Can't get it to work

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    yea nice tune m8...still needs a lil work

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    i know wot do u think would really sort this tune out

    ideas frampster

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