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Thread: Wud ne1 go for a radio set between 4-6 on a Friday if they were offered+cud?

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    Wud ne1 go for a radio set between 4-6 on a Friday if they were offered+cud?

    Been offered this by a station East London....worth it?

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    I usually lock on2 pirates @ 6 or 7 so If thats the same as the rest of the peeps on here you probably won't get many listeners. I don't know though... I prefer 2 be listening to Chris Moyles (he's joxe) at that time when Im in college or whatever and pirate's later on when Im in THAT mood.

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    Take whatever and work your way up.

    You will get listeners, promote it and people will lock in on the way back from work / college / school etc.

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    Maybe you'll get the bored housewifes calling in too

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    go for it mann!!!, any set u can get,go for it cos if u work hard and $$$$ u will get offered better sets trust!!

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    take it. thats alot better than some shows you can get offered.

    i know someone grafting on a 4-6am job - @ least thats a friday...& you'll get a few listeners @ those times trust me!

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    The set time isn't that'll get peeps listening who have just come home from work/college....and people on there way home in motors...

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    well peeps, I did it...listen to Temptation FM, 102.4 between 4-6 every Friday!

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    ur talkin PM right!?

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    of course he is foooooooo

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