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Thread: Post up ya best lyrics for future poll!!!

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    quick one let me know wot you think reppin manchester

    ey look yo ever seen a bad man snap
    i dont really wanna go draw for the strap
    this is garage you smack ed not rap
    watch out thou you might fall in the trap
    cause most mc's yeah you might get a clap
    of me thou mc's get a slap
    most peeps say white boys r crap
    but thank for your time cause that is a rap

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    ^^Its open mic, not garage...spit garage in the audio section.

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    And im movin' fast,
    claim say dat u gt bars but u can last,
    if a gyal step den a gyal get smashd,
    if a gyal step den a gyal get smashd,
    hoods up hats on ready for d clash,
    spray up ur bars n fuk up d clash,
    if its a beef ting draw 4 d mash,
    if its a beef ting draw 4 d mash..................................

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    me and my crew got the gal on lockers
    the gal chattin $$$$, but they cant stop us
    bad man strapped with the big heavy choppers
    an we roll through the club an they just clock us
    i was sat on the sofa just lookin fresh
    gal walks towards me, i'm thinking yes
    man rolls over causin stress
    so i leave that man on the floor in a mess

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    . . . street's journey .

    .. . . . . . .

    "they say the streets is a demon in a dress, with dollar signs in her eyes and semen on her breath" - Lupe Fiasco.


    . . . . . . Born as a $$$$$$$ seed, child support? pops don't got the cash - he leaves,
    so $$$$'a pot to piss in, don't even got a pops to listen, no rocks to glisten,
    but momma's got a stash of weed, she loves the dope. . .
    but she surpassed the green, cuz she loves her son the most,
    older now - hangin w. the thugs that boast to kill queers and smite folks,
    their antics appeared as quite gross. . .
    so everyday a stroll in the street, was like a fearsome tightrope,
    dirty sneers from white folks, 'cos if your 'hands are blackened' ..
    .. they assume you 'holding the heat',
    cops patrol on the beat, stalking negro youths, just to hold 'em 'n beat,
    leave their minds on the sidewalk & their soul on the streets,
    loved your bro with all ya heart it's, why it split ya soul when he departed,
    they say home is where the heart is - but you always roamin' the roads, it's why ya heartless
    the place to $$$$ 'n then attack broads, horrid scenery, the streets be like satan in it's flat form,
    sacred to the cracklords, but if these evil streets could talk it'd sound like scrapin on a blackboard,
    you might see a dude on all fours 'n, assume he takin' a snooze 'n bored snorin',
    turns out he caught a couple shells in the grill, it's like sea food w. george foreman,
    the streets is not fixed, bruised a shade darker, due to repeated beats from cop's sticks,
    sacrafice sleep for jobs which, pay for you to cruise the streets in smart kicks. . .
    only to walk straight into a heap of dog $$$$ ..
    startin' to eat? at least it's progress, pushin' crack now, gettin' paid from hood spots,
    only $$$$$ w. a rolex .. otherwise known as 'the neighbourhood watch',
    and the neighbours would watch, as the green stackin',
    fed ex pullin' up w. a plasma screen package, then had to re-pack it - sold the shack,
    movin' out of the streets is pure bliss, apartment on the coast, now and then would speak to tourists. . .
    the beach was flawless, picturesque $$$$ sometimes would take a break from jottin' and sketch it,
    never lost ya feet through all this, but lost contact w. ya moms instead, forgot 'n neglected,
    left in the 1st floor block like the bottom of tetris, you stopped 'n reflected,
    'bout all the times of happiness, and as your mind looked back at it,
    you see the sirens flashin' in a spiral pattern it's, kinda like a acid trip,
    then you realise, that it's finally happenin', no time for packin $$$$,
    knocks on the door turned to crashes, your soul burns to ashes, the $$$$$$$s,
    stormed through, officers were stern and savage, in the manner they upturned 'n grabbed $$$$,
    in search of burners mag's or bags of herbs or acid,
    busted, damn .. screamin' when they cuffed ya hands,
    driver swerved when he steered to busy leavin you hurtin' in fear,
    racial slurrs in ya ears; "n!gger you gon be servin' for years, affirmative? clear?"
    and you remember wise words uttered by a old brother with a stutter,
    "street life is a bowlin' ball, you either headed for the pen', or just another in the gutter,"
    you realise he's right, the way 1 minute your life is fine, no quarms w. a life of crime,
    next minute you servin' life inside, with improvised knifes you hide, so you can survive the night,
    cypher rhymes inside your mind, you often scream, into pillows, to let off some steam,
    but now you've lost your dreams, - everything .. that once could mean, anything ..
    often began to feel lost 'n sad, and think what could be bad, if you would choose to run?
    you're soda-pressed, you keep your feeling's squashed in a can .. excuse the pun,
    but then whats the use to run, when ya family's gone, you abandoned ya mom,
    hence life was harder w. guilt, so u take out the razor, your arteries spilt,
    viens open, reminiscent of the scene when you walked in on your uncle's brains smokin',
    cuz they say it's a cursed place, as you decay in a hearse case,
    but you completed the journey from A to B .....
    ..... only to have been better off stayin' at A in the first place . . . . . .

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    thats prolly the rest of ur stuff

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    MC Delight - Get To Now

    its mc delight here, get to know ill show ya the way to go
    ya can make love to this just like romeo an be my homie yo
    or ya can hate this an be just like a looney yo
    but $$$$ tha hataz cus they donít even now me bro, so if ya donít like this then ya can just go, otherwise watch tha show an get to now

    its mc delight reppin north wales, this boy is neva gunna fail, rap this fast like a rodeo, spit fire power cruising past tha sky tower in sunny rhyl, its funny still
    so somebody here can chill, let me battle ya an show me ya grill, an I bet ill win 1 nill

    its big, its fresh, make this new like im in no rush, now listenÖsush! Tha beat that I push will make all you girls wanna go on a crush, but I aint datin, leave that for later an im sure ill be waitin, gotta spit this an start entertainin, elevatin, an even tho im lyrically strainin, i gotta stay chillin so my lyrics start straightenin, cos the sun is shinin, even worse it could be rainin, so let me see a smile on ya face an start dancin, mc delight will do the rappin

    its mc delight get to now, cos mcs like me, theyr aint that many ya now, the rest I battled out already, ch chek out my melody! its sweet like strawberry, an now the sweet girl dances like halle berry lukin so sexy, shakin her booty, juicy n fruity, its nuthin new to me, girls wantin to charm wal I got the mic in my palm, but I gotta do this right an stay calm, dj turn up tha volume an set this tune, an the speakers blare just like an alarm, dance if ya wanna, dance like ya gunna, mc delightís no beginner but more like a winner, so do ya wanna reload then just do as ya told, dance like ya 16 years old, dance like ya wanna, dance like ya gunna, im gunna runna runna reload (mix)

    ch-chek chek out the garage, its more like marriage, an explosive dosage
    goin bigger every time, bigger every rhyme,1 2 1 2 this is your time to shyne
    can you keep up! Step bak, flow bak, an get into this track
    its only music but sick so sit back, hataz, you canít tell you jack, you canít even attack
    where da $$$$ ya at, mc delight is ready for combat, my lyrics are heavy like a baseball bat, so quit all ya chit chat cos you now its phat
    so where ya sat, playin on ya ps2, listenin to channel u or watchin man u, $$$$ that I gotta anotha verse cumin through so let me continue with that, this is $$$$ for u, hey dj can I get a remix through, this time please make it new, its mc delight get to now me like you already new

    its mc delight here, get to know ill show ya the way to go
    ya can make love to this just like romeo an be my homie yo
    or ya can hate this an be just like a looney yo
    but $$$$ tha hataz cus they donít even now me bro, so if ya donít like this then ya can just go, otherwise watch tha show an get to now

    mc delight should set an example, but if you like this! Ha ha, this is just a sample
    let me demonstrate wal I turn up the amp full, ive got lyrics hard like a bull, an I aint needin a medical, im incredible, spit these lyrics ova any instrumental, an show you how I get physical, physical like mystical, anyone wanna battle, well thatís just typical, the problem is you aint got $$$$ all, ill fite like a dinasour goin raw raw an put you to the floor so the ambulance is needin a call
    All I eva wanted to do was make a mixtape not a mistake
    But stepping to me that was a mistake, cus ya neva escape
    Ill be comin afta you like a vampire wearin a cape an a golden ring in a arrow shape, people like you I just cant take, make me or break me your just fake to me
    With this I could easily go harder, so drink ya lager an listen to me get sharper,
    Darker, faster like tha nemesis you cant step to this
    I aint gunna miss this, just rememba this, ill make this big an I do promise
    Keep on goin till I finish, dj make the beat hype an everyone call me tha sergeant like I wear tha third stripe, everybody attention!!Öcalm down its only fun
    Just enjoy the moment of my lyrical improvement wal ya finish eatin ya ice bun
    girls shake ya hip an watch me flip when you see me bus on video clip
    im an mc that should be known, set the tone big like the millenium dome
    an yet its all done in my mums home, makin tha future be shown
    as an advanced techno race, txtin mc battles on my mobile phone
    mc delight will put you in ya place, an just incase, you dont think i settled the case d.j turn up the base cos its time to take notice, even if you gotta take notes of this, mc delight promotes this for 2006 you now what time it is, im neva guna give up, write a hundred bars like david beckham could do 100 kick ups,
    anything else i need to mention or do i need a correction, no because its like perfection

    its mc delight here, get to know ill show ya the way to go
    ya can make love to this just like romeo an be my homie yo
    or ya can hate this an be just like a looney yo
    but $$$$ tha hataz cus they donít even now me bro, so if ya donít like this then ya can just go, otherwise watch tha show an get to now

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    Ide-ill I liked it init;sick bars and multiples still.

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    dis rude girl will clapp him,
    run up in his yard n quickly clapp him,
    hes got a new fone so i might clapp him,
    chaps-chains-everything clappin',
    dont fink i wont clapp him,
    spray up d bars like wats reali happenin,
    ur not a real emcee ur jus actin,
    ur not a real emcee jus actin,
    blakd out im on d kidnappin,
    uv gon missin n ur moms stil askin,
    im at ur girls house smashin her face in,
    im at ur girls house smashin her face in,
    ur not a real emcee ur jus actin,
    blakd out im on d kidnappin,
    uv gon missin n ur moms stil askin,
    ur bars are seriously lakin,
    im right in d rankin,
    wen im writin bars ur wankin...........................

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    Yoyo I think that Krispi defo got the most talent in here so far 4rizz, on a realness 4 freestyle ability n entertainment to. !! k i drop a quik freestyle....

    its like some one left the crowd krispi burning up
    badmans r getin fraid blood so turn it up
    you can get whip or hit, or receive a lick
    but man better know dat my lyrics dem r so sick
    unrehearsed and i dont like to hear no sh!t
    I dribble 4 fun mann u cant make me spit
    best be careful coz my flows r over caustic
    n more sick each word flows coz i dont force it
    Im known to make da gals dem jump n skip
    on a mellow so u dont want to hear me flip
    im the ridiculosa man wid the mosta
    tongue in da mouth thats hotta dan toaster

    so whos the bada bada badman with the 12 inch wott
    ha u dont know about rock or know about shine
    1 look at my finga ull see the gal is mine
    coz im simpy dat guy yeah 1 of a kind
    Not suspect and Nooo way never behind
    1 way traffic forward 2 da future leave u lost in time
    U see dem spots on my face I stil dont need no lines
    my rhyme time can be so fine and utter sublime
    hit u in ur head booom jus like 1 time

    so shake ur head if your a funky dread
    wether your white black brown or even ballhead
    u wana shake a 12 or like a midget shake aleg
    careful wid ur ammo wen u empty ur lead
    my flows r drastic hazardous on plastic
    swagger on point sum say its totally bombastic
    shagging as my hobby rudely got from my doggy
    dont even get to bedroom man always in the lobby
    bet if u cud see bloodclat u wud copy
    at least den u cud see how man do tingz proply
    as im the over zealous never jealous
    better try harda coz im not kiddin fellaz

    haha jus leting my left hand massage the keyboard peeps know im jus playing and jus like the messiah I can take this ting much higher !! Trusss

    Check out link for more lyrics and download sum of my tracks free now from the TPC forthcoming Album.

    Hey Adjudicator let me know if theres any prizes please so I know when to pick up

    Peace out 1 love always.

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    hi mate, check out "White Noise", the new Viewer single

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    mc cats ryme

    tick tock
    time is runnin out
    you wonder
    wat its all about
    rymes that ryme
    rymes that rock
    rymes that tick
    and rymes that tock

    i take my rymin
    to the top
    im like a clock
    i dont never stop
    press fast forward
    speed it up
    i took a sip
    from the devils cup

    i am the devil
    an i come from hell
    im bad,bad,bad as $$$$
    i played the game
    i wrote the book

    crazy $$$$$
    i just dont care
    come take me on
    if u dare

    lyrical master watch me roar
    as i take the mike
    i own the dance floor

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    We stand united on the streets, baptised by the rain,
    Shottin' all day and we gain what we gain,
    All youths just seek one thing, that is money and fame,
    but no opportunity rises, 'cus we live the Ghetto shame,
    We're from the Ghetto flame, The damned Ghetto Name,
    And yet you see what i have became,
    Every tunnel has an end,
    Every light has one way to come in, and commend,
    And in that dark night there will atleast be one star,
    And theres always gonna be one from a hood riding the sports car,
    Im the gainer, the life drainer, Some call me the achiever,
    I don't look back, they call me the believer,
    I'm the heart of people, i can be the pain reliever,
    And from the hood rises a Star that is now a money Reciever.

    Hmmm.. abit of Freestyle...

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    look at the state of that.
    the cat shat in my hat.

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