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Thread: Post up ya best lyrics for future poll!!!

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    Apr 2002

    Post up ya best lyrics for future poll!!!

    Ay yo!! post up ur best lyrics and we will av a poll to see who gets voted da most talented mc's in dese forums. Kamikaze may join in but he must copywrite before like he always says. No hip-hop mc'in. Do it pure garage and drum n bass stylee!!!! SAFE!!! my lyrics will b posted soon. dont u worry bout dat!!

    The Poll will be put up as soon as i see who is taking part!

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    Lemme hear a roar for the unsure/
    leaving mans wanted more/
    ravers luvin me from da dance floor/
    Iíll be the last man standing, dats for sure/
    bare mans try hate meÖ but what for?!
    isit cos my lyrics go on raw/
    diss me den ill start a war/
    goin on all hardcore till u cant handle it/
    make u forfit

    Get into bed anotha coppa/
    rockin day n night like a bed rocker/
    when pon da mike I rock it proppa!
    like an mc should/
    anything possible I could/
    rock mike to impress ya/
    sinkin- little bit deeper/
    deeper than deep sea diver/
    finger pullin trigga/
    beat any otha/
    minga havin 2 gun ya
    winner- im a crowd pleaser/
    n if I want ya im gonna get ya/
    gonna care for ya/
    gona luv ya gonna treat u right/
    ur tight/
    take u higher dan a kite/
    im a must ur a might/
    im heavyweight ur light/
    chatin day and night/
    churpsing girls gona give um a freight/
    takin u 2 brand u height!

    Ladies gonna follow me 2 my yard/
    gotta gotta get my tool get hard/
    $$$$ them hard/
    face change red!
    $$$$ me harder dats what she said/
    she shifting further down inmy bed/
    goin ona knees givin me head/
    do not worry no women no fred!
    im a romeo
    sound dope on audio
    wab blow
    im a lyrical, oh no!!
    fear no enemny fear no foe/
    lyrical flow/
    lyrical flow overload!
    punch u up like Muhammad ali
    fly like a butterfly sting like a bee
    mustbe crazy 2 beef with me
    think u know mans trsut ill get bruce lee
    I could go on and on for infinity!!!

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    check one
    with my rollin tongue
    guna bidididi ride the version
    for london town

    check 2
    im rolling thru
    manananamassive inside the venue
    wat u guna do
    wen my lyrics hit u

    check 3
    nice and easy
    bound to get u lively
    opon the m i c
    get freaky

    check 5
    $$$$ i 4got for
    oh well better do it once more

    check 1

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    if u wana test den dats a no no,
    whos on da mic wid da lyric combo,
    l.o.g.i.e. oh no,
    wen im on da mic i tear up da show.

    other mc's cant keep up wid da pace,
    gona tie ur tounge like it was a shoe lace,
    oh my god amazing grace,
    gona take any gal wot ever race,

    whos on da da mic but da 1 lo-v,
    representing lyrickaly,
    da mos wanted fa family,
    we dont want to hurt no body

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    Check dis,

    Im a lyrical Geezer crowd Pleezer Gal Teezer/
    Spittin lyrics like a bullet 2 ya cause a seizure/
    Slow down, Go down nice N soft Ease Ya/
    Speed up shut up listen as I breeze ya/
    Ya hungry 4 my lyrics but im never gonna feed ya/
    If U starvin 4 sum more im hardcore truss i'll eat ya/
    Now follow tha leader before I beat ya/
    $$$$ it, I'll pop ma gat 2 where ya knees are/

    Im lean an U no dis aint my best, but $$$$ it, there aint no prizes 2 be won anyway.
    Last edited by KRYSIZ MC; 27-05-2002 at 04:16 PM.

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    oh $$$$ oh $$$$ no
    logies rinsin like dont u no
    all of da crew dem wa blow
    im cold and refreshing like logies tango,
    met one gal and dis is wot i sed
    can i temp u to a four post bed
    she tied me up and gave me hed
    she untied me den i made her bled,

    dis is wot i do on a friday night
    check my crew wid da gal in sight
    allow next man dat want a fight
    gal cum to me ''av u got a light'',
    i turn round and wot could it be
    one pretty skat wid a sexy body
    den da dj drop droped sexy irie
    i turnt a sed would u grind wid me,
    my man turnt sed bust ur stuff
    and da day u might get muff
    u no ur gal is lookin buff
    allow da gal lookin rough,
    we rind and grind all night long
    bussin moves to everey song
    she touched me and felt me but wot went wrong
    it aint my fault i av a 12inch dong,
    finished da club moved to da hotel room
    trus u no it went boom boom boom
    opened her legs and da petal bloomed
    then i went down and it was fumed,
    she went oohhh she went ahhh
    made her scream good and propper
    bent her over 69r
    as she sceamed no stopper,

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    Come on now, a 12 inch dong?
    Darlin i dont think u that strong
    U may get the girls all droolin
    But me over here u aint foolin
    I know u aint got stamina
    Cant undo the catch on me bra
    Stumbling, fumbling in the dark
    Not even in ur bed but on the grass in the park

    Boy, practise is wot u need
    To get da gyal dem on der knees
    If u wanna get head so bad
    Maybe u wanna get a few tips from ya dad
    Check ya bro, he know how to flirt
    Wit the hot mammas in their short skirt

    So take my word and off u go
    Chat about something where u actually know
    What u're doing, son, truss
    This just some friendly advise, dont cuss!

    * just thought i'd join in*

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    ive got more stanima dan any man
    like chakie chan a tru stalion
    i run da london marathan
    i can keep up if u can,
    ill wind and grind all nite long
    wid my teeth rip off ur thong
    introduce to my 12 inch dong
    wen im in da bed i go on strong,
    i treat my gals with stylye and i will
    hotel room champers on chill
    always first to pick up da bill
    bump till da mornin yes i will,
    bump to da break of dorn
    aint gona stop till early morn
    so tell me krispi wot gwarn
    my like me never make u yarn,

    nuff luv


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    check one
    with my rollin tongue
    guna bidididi ride the version
    for london town

    one,tounge,version----town dosent ryme wid dem ones dere

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    like i said i blatenly won no mans lyrics can tes them

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    Yes Prestige killed it.

    we have a winner.

    I loooooove the way you did this : manananamassive

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    bidabida booka

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    Said Im feelin lucky like a four-leaf clover
    Dare's only 1 ting I hate and dats a Vauxhall Nova
    Dey think they can speed a-like a supernova
    And Im like 'yeh wateva'
    Hold Up! And let me get ma point over:
    U wana decent car? U beta check da Porshe or Beema
    Coz u cant rinse to da Underground Vibes in the Back of a Nova
    But u can get sum chix and flix in da back of a Bidda-bidda-Beema
    Garage Police will just pull u over and arrest ya
    If u try dat in a Nova
    So what do I say to the Nova Driver?
    Bidda-Bidda Boo U fool
    B-Boo u!
    Dis is da HyPeR and ma Messy Car Cru
    And not u and ur Boo...

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    Damn straight bout dem novas! lol

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    yeh, everyoda boy racer's got one....

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    I cum dark jus like darth vadar,
    Not a fake mc, or an imatator,
    And Im real not like Tomb raider.
    Garage/drum and bass im a history maker,
    Miracle Im from d Squad- danger,
    Wen Iím on d case bring d flavour,
    Im Rippin up d mic and d x-fader,
    But if uCum near cant escape danger,

    ---------------------stop d hatin and jealousy-----------------

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    Hmm just thought i'd freestyle about cruisin
    Coz im not into violence, forget the bruisin
    I love driving round the streets at nite
    With my tunes turned up, now wot a sight
    U can see the speakers givin vibrations
    Someone wants to race, ooh the temptation
    To show em how it's really done
    But u know now it's just a bit of fun
    Wink wink, guys gawping at the girl racer
    She beat u at the lights, u go better chase her
    Too late, I won the race, I'm a winner
    Zim zimma, who got the keys to my...renault cli-a?
    Look at the smoke when I do a wheel-spinner
    Every time the bass sounds, the lights go dimmer
    Revvin up da engine, I'm a crowd pleaser
    Shoutin at the rude bwoys, wot a $$$$ teaser
    Meetin all the cruisers at the drive-thru
    Shouting abuse at all the moped crew
    It's not just a hobby- it's a way of life! BOOOO!

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    im still winnin u lot are useless my lyrical talents are there for all to see

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    presteige me and u hed 2 hed

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