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Thread: Post up ya best lyrics for future poll!!!

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    Originally posted by >CONTRAVERSE'C<

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    impact ur a commercial $$$$$$.

    vapour is pure $$$$.

    manamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanama namanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamanamana manamanamanamanamana

    nuff said.

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    Originally posted by paulyc
    impact ur a commercial $$$$$$.


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    I can never understand how people can post their lyrics up for all to see! You're better off saying them so people can't teef ya lyrics easily.

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    Yeh but it aint exactly people's best lyrics being put up- i think most of us are just doin a bit of freestylin to pass the time.

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    U dun know, what else is there to do?

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    no one would want to use ne lyrics in here for the major reason that every lyric in here is from a so solid wanabee and the lyrics are pure f*ing $$$$!!!!

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    LMAO at vapour is good...
    A few of ma mates seem 2 fink
    Imagine how much thought went in2 mananagiddygiddy.....
    I bet he tells all his friends he is sayin sumfin but really

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    na there all ma best lyrics trus !! there the reason im booked in sweden and germany honest

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    in sweeden how many girl hav u got?

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    @pauly c

    how am i a commercial $$$$$$...? the only underground scene

    you will ever fit in 2 is when i bury u 6 feet deep BLOODY CREEP!

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    ouch dat hurts lol..
    any way wots up mans been hospital and only here 4 2 nites den im bak in 4 da wkend probs

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    Originally posted by Impact
    Im not certain but im pretty sure that you just said that.

    The question is: Did you mean to?

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    wot that ive jus been in hospital ......... yer

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    pirate this lyric dont think i wont know
    like u didnt know wen i had your hoe
    ya man comes home im out the window
    jump in my bimma and away i go
    brook up the bed and i brook up the seen
    24/7 im there in between
    under the covers and then out the door
    do it again coz ive done it before

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    Dont rate yourself too high/dont go over da top
    cos ders hotter mc's/dat are straight of da block
    i batter mc's/wid a 16 bar like a lyrical shell
    my lyrics keep burning/like a lyric from hell

    dont promote dat hot too much/promote dat your good
    cus us young gun mc's/are cumming straight out da hood
    i aint biting lyrics/i aint sharing dem neither
    if dese flows are good den/i'll bring more tiger

    spot my lyrics like a spotted cheetah
    my lyrics gonna measure up 2 more dan a metre
    my content for 15 is a little bit deeper
    yes 15 years old and i'm a lyrical creeper
    erase mc's and den i'll delete ya
    if more wanna test den i'll willingly defeat ya
    i've one dat battle, and i've won a war
    so be mesmorized cos u aint $$$$ like dis before
    15 years old spitting bars galore
    vespa's on da seen are ya ready for more?

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    check check 1,2 micraphone checka
    m.i.c, mic controller
    Im ready to get dem lot hypa
    Entertaining da hardcore raver
    Ride up on da rydem and da rydem ride me
    we know each other like were long time family
    Featurin da buda bass and drum
    And Flexer Dee's mic selection
    Who's up on da mina ma mic controlling
    My DJ in da venue ruda ruda rinsing da tracks
    Who's on da mic wid da hardcore attacks, attacks and wid da buda buda backchats
    D-E to da E hardcore ravers run follow me follow me
    Follow da leader Flexer Dee
    Jump and a rave inside da party..................

    libicle da mibicle da ride upon da rydem
    shock to da shock to da shocker gonna shock em
    Embrace in da race of da Garage Nation
    Embrace in da race of my mic selection..................

    It's my SE to da LECT to da AR
    Tasty like da taste Salt and Vinegar
    My Lyrics like gum, make your mouth water
    Your dry in da desert leave u to da slaughter
    I've won da battle and i've won da war
    u have to be silly to come back for more
    Cause wid Flexer Dee's lyrics dem know da score
    Flexer Dee layin down da MCIN Law..............

    Just incase u get cofused i changed my name, but its some long ting to register again

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    u got slayed..when u stepped into vespa's way
    lyrics are sharp and hurt like a stingray
    i dont bring beef i jst flow on da mic
    i'm on da tv like a tyson fight
    me nah call u a $$$$$ nah mean to offend
    but on da other side, vespa dont beg no friend
    i gather up followers in a massive flock
    show dem dat mc dat gets gagged wid a sock
    anger...u got to prepare for danger
    cos vespa's a mic danger ranger
    away in a crib for ur crew
    so step to mic and i will slew u??!!
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