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Thread: Post up ya best lyrics for future poll!!!

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    ok i start

    wahooo im rollin thru
    ladies to me how i do
    $$$$ cha i jus spit on ur shoe
    woop ti dooo im jus chillin
    i cant rhyme coz my eyes are stinging
    logie wana tess bro r u sure ur willin
    even tho my lyrics are not appealing
    dam ive 4got ma line

    cha rass

    dont matter i win

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    wat u wana tess ma lyrical skillz aswell carnage

    carnage stick ya in a bin coz bare damage
    coz u smell like poo nage
    and u cant tess coz its guna be spillage
    of ur blood on the floor
    am raw to da core , on the dance floor
    carnage u really wana tess
    god bless
    but ill have to chop of ur vest
    now am i blond wonda been better to say chest
    now rest

    coz ma brain is hurtin
    girldem they never flirtin
    must be coz am ugly or somethin
    but anyway its meant to be u am putting
    suck on a lemon until u frown

    now be gone

    im too good

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    rah your heavy illy:........LOL

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    whos on da mic but da logie vato
    gal wana wind gal wana wind
    dis is da origianal mos wanted flow
    mos wanted were gona tear up da show,
    wen im on da mic i dont hesertate
    i crunch ur lyriks like a corn flake
    so if u wana test theres no escape
    from da logie flow allow u mate

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    please pass the miiiiiiiiiiic

    please pass the mic

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    logie ur $$$$ing wack

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    Lol wot r u boys like! Where have all the other girl MCs gone? Come on ladies, represent!

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    On ur own den?!!?! LOL
    Gwan Prestige and Logic...

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    Originally posted by DJMC_HYPER
    Gwan Prestige
    Oh u twat.

    Prestige is completly dissing u ppl's crap lyrics! hes not being serious

    do u think a real mc says manamanamanama (x-cept for vapour whos wack ne way)


    u lose.

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    my hearts in the music

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    OK den its my time...

    Im bout 2 $$$$ it all yea,
    Coz at da moment i really dont care,
    Everyfing ive worked for is guna come 2 nuffin,
    If i ave jokes now i can remember summin,

    Wen im older, wif no life left,
    And i fold up, coz ive reached ma death,
    Coz ive neva bin a fiter, it juss aint me,
    Always quit on da dreams dat i wanted 2 see,

    Wanted 2 live thru, like a fantasy,
    But i juss stopped and sed it woznt meant 2 be,
    Ive always gave up, wen fings got ruff,
    Wen i juss cant do it and enuffs enuff,

    Its like comin 2 da end of da day, at da end of a tape,
    Coz death is a fait dat u cant escape,
    Cant hide nowhere and cant run away,
    Coz it wil find ya and catch up 2 u one day,

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    my selecta rewind come agen

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    u silly tomato

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    I'd just like to represent the ladies and help lady_Kristie test these mans...

    Yo these mans here think they're topshotters,
    But you dun know that Ladies are hotter,
    Mans better than us, ha, i think notta
    You can't test us, yo, and so whatta.

    Before you mans get shamed, shut your lips,
    Cos i'm like a fine wine that you want a take a sip,
    You mans lyrics are long, make me wanna take a kip,
    They are so dry, and belong in a skip.

    This ent hatin to the mans by the way just helpin the ladies represent.


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    paulyc... how the fuk is vapour crap u friggin beefcake....u chump.... by the way all them lyircs are just a flop. enter the mind of a real mc aka me

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    waya mean man my lyrics are heavy bare thought and rhyming skillz went into them they have such meaning

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