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Thread: the buzz chart....

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    the buzz chart....

    i think da buzz chart is a good idea...i like 2 c all the new tracks and stuff, but the only problem ive got with it is there is 2 many east london tracks being repd on da chart, its like nw, w n south london have gone quiet.... i know that crews in east london are bang on making dubz but west mans and north mans r on it not sure if ive ever seen like a black ops tune on the chart and them tracks sell well...and there must be more mans from north like y2k fm and time fm if there still on makin tunes...

    just a few questions for our d.c

    how do tracks actually get on the buzz the people who have made them forward you a copy or is it just like dubplate buzz....

    do you only compile the buzz chart...??

    overall im feelin da buzz chart i wouldnt mind if it stayed the same it just dat the rest of london needs 2 b lookd at..and if the rest of london is laggin behind the east mans..then well have 2 fix up pronto!!

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    not being from the UK, i'm not too familiar with what's from the N, NW, S, SW, E, etc.....but i can give a vote of support to that new Rachel H record....Maybe One Day, the black ops Sublow mix is nice.

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