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    Serge Devant- Electronic Dance Music

    Hey guys. Serge Devant brings different taste of music set "Midsummer affair" which is around 1 hour. You can play as well as download from here. In future. you will get more different music...
  2. Electro Dance Music Set "Midsummer affair"

    Searching for Electronic Dance Music videos? Serge Devant brings 1 hour latest dance music set "Midsummer affair". Everyone must watch this video.
  3. Serge Devant July 1 hour set "Midsummer affair"

    Blasting video realized in this July. Serge Devant's fans must watch 1 Hour set "Midsummer affair".It helps to spend amazing time with your loved ones.
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    New July set by Serge Devant

    Serge Devant just release his "Midsummer affair" video.So everyone must watch and had amazing tea time. Hope you will enjoy this time.
  5. Serge Devant & Rachael Starr brings different video

    Everyone need different taste in his life. Watch "You & Me" official video that is totally different and have different taste of music.
  6. Promote Your EDM Music With YouTube Videos

    Hey if you want to promote your electronic dance music, then start posting it on youtube because mostly people search on youtube. Recently I watched Serge Devant & Rachael Starr's "You and Me"...
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    New video for EDM lovers

    Serge Devant & Rachael Starr releases his new edm video .I am a fan of this star. So, I would like to suggest everyone who are looking for the best edm videos must watch this video.
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    Serge Devant & Rachael Starr - EDM

    Serge Devant & Rachael Starr is the best that provides the electronic dance music
  9. Looking for Electronic Dance Music

    Are you searching for electronic dance music to listen. Now wait is over.Try videos of Serge Devant & Rachael Starr. Hope you will enjoy the videos.
  10. Are you crazy about Electronic Dance Music

    Serge Devant & Rachael Starr just release his official video "You & Me". So, who so ever interested and crazy about the electronic music, must watch this video. I am sure you will have lot of...
  11. Have true feeling with "You & Me" official video

    Are you looking for different taste in electro music? I just seen the perfect video of rocking star Serge Devant & Rachael Starr which is "You and Me" official video. So go ahead with this video, you...
  12. Watch Awesome "You and Me" Official Video

    Hey lets enjoy with this video of rocking star. Watch the performance of Serge Devant & Rachael Starr and enjoy the beats.
  13. New Electronic Dance Music Live Video

    Hey Guys. Good news for the people who are big fan of Serge Devant & Rachael Starr. Watch this awesome video, which explains the artistic meaning of this video. So, why to wait now? Download You and...
  14. Download "You and Me" Official Video and Enjoy the time

    Watch the video "You and Me" and get ready to see how it was all shot during those few days !! I am a big fan of Serge Devant.Enjoy the music and share with your friends who are big fans of this...
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    Hello Everyone

    I just completed my registration here and I am here to take part in discussions regarding electronic dance and music so that I may come to know about the latest trends going on.
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