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  1. BULLETDODGE24 Ibiza Brothers- Heaven ep

    Bulletdodge Records presents BULLETDODGE24

    Ibiza Brothers ‘Heaven’ ep

    featuring the storming tech assault of 'Heaven' and remix from Mark & Stevens

    Released Monday 1st March, 2 Week...
  2. BULLETDODGE22 Mark & Stevens 'Troubling' E.P

    Bulletdodge Records presents BULLETDODGE22

    Mark & Stevens 'Troubling' E.P

    featuring four awesome original tracks and remix from Curious George & the Agent

    Released Monday 15th February, 2...
  3. damn right

    damn right
  4. shaft

  5. BULLETDODGE21 Presuming Ed 'Purpose of life'

    Bulletdodge Records presents BULLETDODGE21

    Presuming Ed 'Purpose of life' EP

    Featuring two blistering original tracks, 'Purpose of life' and 'Viagra'.

    Released Monday 8th February, 2 Week...
  6. bullet:dodge 18 Wire Tap "Lorazepam" E.P

    Bullet:dodge Records presents Bullet:dodge 18
    Wire Tap "Lorazepam" E.P.
    with remixes from Gareth Whitehead and Feldraum.

    Released Monday 2nd November,
    Supported and played by Fine Cut Bodies,...
  7. bullet:dodge records 17, Sey "A Rainy Day"

    Continuing on their quest to showcase the freshest and most exciting global producers, bullet:dodge are proud to welcome Japanese artist Sey Ikeda to the label and release 'A Rainy Day' EP on MONDAY...
  8. The Surrealists 'Show Me On The Ghettoblaster'

    Bullet:dodge Records presents
    The Surrealists 'Show Me On The Ghettoblaster'
    Released Monday 20th July,
    featuring original and Gareth Whitehead remix.

    Being played by Lets go outside, Keith...
  9. Bulletdodge Records 13 Jay Pace "Oplink" techno minimal acid

    Released 6th July,

    featuring "Oplink" original, Gareth Whitehead remix and "Jengalord"

    Being played by Laurent Garnier, Ed Hill, Spiritchaser , Dj Alexia,

    Anderson Noise and FineCutBodies...
  10. Dark minimal tech house Glasgow Bulletdodge Records 12

    Bulletdodge records proudly present Josh Chancer "Beginners Luck" , Released Monday 25th May
    Another quality slab of dark minimal, tech-house with a blistering detroit flavoured remix
    from Gavrom...
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