View Full Version : PRODUCERS! Remix competition early warning [Bukem as 1 of the judges]

19-05-2005, 09:25 PM
There is a remix competition @ www.TheManyMoodsOf.com its a chance to get remixing some of the tracks of UK soul funk singer/songwriter Nicky Prince .

The competition is to do a full-length remix of any if the tracks on the album "The Many Moods Of....." - Nicky Prince"

The original tracks can be heard at www.nickyprince.co.uk

Signup to the www.TheManyMoodsOf.com forum and register your interest, adding a private message to the moderator to request being set as ReMixer status. Samples and full vocals will be released soon for remixers.

the prize is getting an animated web-video made for your track. Entries will be voted for by the public in a chart, the top 5 of which will be assessed by judges inc:

DnB legend LTJ Bukem ( www.GoodLooking.org)

Funky-techno pioneer, DJ Dave Angel ( www.trustthedj.com/DaveAngel )

Other judges will be Nicky and her original producer of "The Many Moods of.....", Z-Bias ( http://rwdmag.com/music_artists/profiles/zed_bias ) and Meechy ( www.Meechy.net ), the animator.