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07-11-2012, 12:33 PM
Hello guys

Would just like to inform you of some good news, we have just launched a new product: SocialGO Network Maker! Itís a fully hosted, online software package that lets anyone create a customizable social network for a particular interest or their business.

To celebrate the product launch, we're giving away a free annual subscription to the 10 best networks created in October. íBestí is defined by a combination of how awesome it looks, how good the idea and content is and how many engaged members you can get joining in the fun Ė and will be judged by our in-house social network experts by the middle of November.

If youíve always wanted to have a go at setting up an online community, feel free to private message me or simply check out the free 14 day trial on network-maker.com. Also, let me know your network URL on here and Iíll arrange some free design help and training for you on the house.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


PS: A bit more on the platform for those who are interested:
There's a host of features you'd expect from a platform of this kind - and we'd love to see how you can use them to engage with your customers, employees etc. For example, your members can customise their profile to their personal taste and start messaging other members instantly.

You can also create sub-groups and forums, plus set up a Blog to share the latest articles, video and pictures about your passion, company, interest or whatever you are building your network around.

Itís also possible to Ďwhite labelí your network - effectively removing all SocialGO branding from your network. That means your members, or the client youíre building the network for, will never have to know it's running on our platform.

There are obviously loads more features, Iíd be happy to explain more but donít want to make this post too long - let me know if you need more info and Iíll PM you.