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20-12-2011, 06:46 PM
Tell us what you think.. see below our press release. You can get it for free and we need you to help us get it right. You can get it free from itunes or visit our website www(dot)londonmusicmapp(dot)com

The London Music Mapp is a new free Mobile Music & Travel App for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad which launched recently.

Our goal is to entertain and inform music fans with facts, maps, videos and images which illustrate London’s rich musical heritage, vibrant musical present and unique musical geography.

We have highlighted music locations of all kinds and split them into easy to search categories: Landmarks, Record Stores, Musical Instrument Shops, Live Music Venues, Clubs, Labels, Recording Studios and our a Songs & Streets category.

Initially the London Music Mapp will only be available in English, but shortly the app will also be available in different languages, including Castilian Spanish and German.

We want to make it as easy as possible for overseas visitors to really enjoy London and our musical landscape.

The London Music Mapp is a travel guide to London’s many popular music locations, but it is also going to help lead many music tourists to discover locations they probably never knew existed.

London is one of the world’s great music cities and it not only has a fascinating musical heritage, but a vibrant musical present and a unique musical geography which touches every part of the city.

The London Music Mapp will be updated with new locations, images and information each month and we are asking Musicians, Fans, Labels, Studios, Retailers, Clubs, Venues and indeed anyone else who loves music, to send us details of all the hundreds of uniquely musical locations in London we know we must put on the Mapp.

London Music Mapp app is a collaboration between JDH Ltd & Zuztertu
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For instructions on how to download the London Music Mapp for free visit: www(dot)londonmusicmapp(dot)com