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02-11-2010, 01:06 PM
When we come across driver issues, normally we will go to the manufacturer’s site or use Windows Update for right driver updates to fix the problem. However, what should we do if neither way works?
Actually, driver updaters are very popular programs which can help you update your drivers automatically and easily. Here take Driver Robot for example to guide you how to use a driver update software to update your HP drivers.
Step 1: download & install Driver Robot
To start the automatic driver updating process, you first need to download the Driver Robot setup file from here: Driver Robot setup (executable, 5.1MB). The setup file will take 20-30 seconds to download on to your computer. When it is finished, find it on your HP computer and run it.
Notice: Once Driver Robot's setup program is running, you should see a screen welcoming you to the installer. Press "Next" to continue to the End User License Agreement (EULA). You have to say "Yes" to this agreement in order to proceed; press "Next" when you're ready.
As soon as you agree to the EULA, Driver Robot will begin extracting on to your system. Rest assured that this installation process is 100% reversible. The moment Driver Robot is finished installing, it will run automatically and offer to scan your system for new HP driver updates.
Step 2: Initial system scan
Right after you install Driver Robot, it spends about 2 minutes scanning and identifying your HP computer's hardware. It also looks at the age and accuracy of the drivers you currently have installed.
Driver Robot uses this data to compare your system to its massive driver database in order to make recommendations.
Step 3: Driver scan results
After Driver Robot is finished scanning your system for missing or out-of-date HP drivers, it reports its findings to you.
It's here that Driver Robot makes recommendations regarding updates to your computer's drivers. Driver Robot always recommends the latest official drivers.
Step 4: Driver download and installation
Driver Robot now downloads and installs the latest device drivers for your PC, directly from the manufacturer. The installation process is fast and easy.
If you are a DELL, ATI or ASUS user, you can also update your DELL drivers (http://www.dell-drivers.org/), ATI drivers (http://www.ati-drivers.net/) or ASUS drivers (http://www.asus-drivers.com/) easily and correctly the way updating HP drivers (http://www.hp-drivers.org/).
Driver Robot is with massive driver database, fast scan technology and great user interface, this make it the industry leader in driver scanning. With Driver Robot, you can always be guaranteed to receive the latest official drivers.

26-11-2010, 11:05 AM
hey, thanks for sharing this.
i just had a driver issue with my dell printer a couple of days ago. i googled with "dell printer drivers" and found the dell site you link to. the program there helped me. many thanks for sharing it again with us.

23-10-2011, 07:24 PM
Usually drivers came with the machine.
But if you want to have access to updates - then you buy a computer from a respectable company that offers driver updates - like dell.
if you buy no names - then you won’t have driver updates :(
you can also try manually but is a pain
or can try some software to detect them but are pretty expensive and usually inaccurate.

04-05-2012, 06:24 PM
buy a mac :P