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18-10-2010, 01:37 PM
Hi guys,

If you have clicked this thread, you are most likely interested in gaining some knowledge about an area of interest. Whether you want to know more about:


or literally anything else to with music, you should check out BabyBubbaProductions.

Of course, you have nothing to rely on apart from my word that their e-books are first rate quality. And I'm not even very neutral, because I work for BBP, too. :) So why should you let your curiosity take over and check our site out?

BBP was founded by a young media graduate who combines artist management and production all in one company. No more issues or difficult arrangements - thanks to a complete network of professional people, BBP can hook artists up with whoever they need. BBP also takes care of production, styling, management, promotion - you name it.

So where do the e-books come in? Despite the fact BBP works as an artist management and production company, and the fact we know quite some record labels, we don't force artists to sign up to one we have contacts with. Instead, we have an entire range of e-books that you can download for a very sharp price. These e-books explain step by step what you should do in certain situations, how you find your perfect entourage, how you can optimize your promotion campaigns, etc.

Our e-books are suitable for anyone within the music industry - beginning musicians, managers, record labels, bands, anyone. Prices are pretty cheap (never more than 10), and all e-books come with a special coupon (10%!) you can use if you'd ever use BBP's services.

I hope to welcome you soon on Home - Baby Bubba Productions (http://www.babybubbaproductions.co.uk).

Even if you aren't interested in e-books, we also offer an oversight of artists we manage, and have a forum for music fans of all kinds. ;)