View Full Version : Media Company Launch New E-Book To Help Musicians Promote Their Music

09-09-2010, 12:06 PM
Paul Abraham of LMP Media Services teaches musicians how to write press releases, press-packs and master the media with the publication of The A guide to your Music Success in conjunction with secure e-book (eBook publishing, security and protection - Publish and protect your eBooks with Novisoft's Secure-eBook (http://www.secure-ebook.com)) the world's fastest-growing provider of downloadable e-books.

The A guide to your Music Success is a step-by-step downloadable guide to helping independent musicians and record labels get noticed by the media. The guide includes detailed instructions, writing samples, templates and media contact etiquette.

Paul Abraham wrote The A guide to your Music Success to help musicians promote themselves without the expense of hiring publicists/marketing companies and so consequently making their promotional budget go further and achieve better results. The A guide to your Music Success is available for purchase at Guide Information - The A Guide to your Music Success (http://www.musicsuccess.biz) .

"Self-promotion is the future for musicians," explained Paul. "This guide allows musicians to cut out the middle man and get their music out to the public. The aim of this guide, is to give solid advice at a reasonable price, to ensure every musician/singer has the opportunity to present a professional looking press-package/press-release to promote their music.

Link to Publication*: Guide Information - The A Guide to your Music Success (http://www.musicsuccess.biz)

During the early 1990s Paul toured the UK working backstage for many of the "World Tours" by artists including Springsteen, Prince, ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Genesis and Michael Jackson. Combining his passion for writing, which included a Diploma with Honours from the London School of Journalism, and his deep love of music, culminated in the formation of Leeds Music Promotions Limited in the UK in July 2006. The company contributed as Music Editor/Music Expert to two large American entertainment websites as well as many other periodicals and websites. LMP Media Services was launched in January 2009 and offers production of press-packs, press-releases and media distribution, and has recently worked for artists in the US, UK and Europe. The company has helped promote many new artists, including arranging air-play on US radio for a number of female artists, and has numerous credits on a wide range of European Albums and is in constant demand for advice and guidance.